10 Steps to Rock Your World As A Network Marketer

So you really want to rock your world as a Network Marketer…

Being a network marketer can be learned by anyone.

Anyone can aspire and even work really hard to become a network marketer.

But when we talk about being a professional network marketer, it all comes down to having the right mindset.

The right mindset and determination to become a pro and succeed in being one.

These are the ultimate 10 steps you MUST follow if you desire to be rock your world as a network marketer.

Make a decision

Step 1. Make a Strong Decision!

You have to be a decision maker.

Not being able to make decisions and being indecisive keeps you stuck where you are and will not get you anywhere.

Decision plays two parts.

First decide what you want.

People are so busy these days, running around on autopilot and they get away from what they really want and what their “Why” is.

What do you really want?

What is the song within you that you still wants to sung.

Are you going to die with your music still in you?

What is your reason beyond the money?

When you have the “why” you will figure out the how.

The other side is to be a decisive person.

Build your life by design.

Its better to either be in or be out of your network marketing company.

Being on the fence is the hardest part.

When you make a committed unequivocal decision you will prevail.

That is the power of having a really committed decision.

Write it down, speak it out loud and take action.

Speaking it out loud bring it into the physical world.

Then take some action within a matter of hours.

If we don’t move into action with our very busy lives things will slowly slip away.


Step 2. Mindset.

When you first make the decision to start a new project you will be very excited and motivated.

However, over time you can lose this spark and negative thoughts and fears can creep in.

You can start thinking that it wasn’t such a good idea to start with.

It’s all become too hard, too scary.

There are a number of different ways to get our mindset back on track.

Share your goal with a family member of close friend.

You are less likely to give up if you have someone to support and help you along the way.

When you feel like giving up close your eyes and think of how you will feel when you have achieved your dream.

It will feel so wonderful.

You will be so proud to have achieved your dream.

It will be so exciting.

Really try to experience how you will feel.

Remember how much you really want this.

Carry a picture of your goal in your purse or wallet.

When those negative thoughts or feelings strike, take out the picture to reinforce your determination.

Have a mantra that you can repeat when you are feeling low.

Such as, “I’m so excited that I will soon have my dream”.

Again, feel the emotion of being in possession of your dream.

Vision, Imagination and Belief

Step 3. Vision, Imagination and Belief.

For those of you who love the old musicals, remember the song from South Pacific called, “Happy Talk.”

The chorus gives this wonderful admonition:

“you got to have a dream

if you don’t have a dream

how you gonna have a dream come true?”

So simple. So true. So important.

Yet too many people walk through life with no vision at all.

How can they ever have their dreams come true?

Don’t let that be said of you.

That you have no dream; no vision.

Write your vision; articulate your vision; embrace your vision; follow your vision.

You have to have a vision of where you are going and what you want and you have to believe it!

Imagine how it will be and feel like, see yourself there and your belief magically will be strengthened.

If you are on your way to becoming a billionaire, the first step is to have your vision well established.

Time Management, Money Management, Emotional Management and Skill Management

Step 4. Time Management, Money Management, Emotional Management and Skill Management.

These 4 assets can bring you up or take you down completely!

You have to manage your time wisely.

Your emotions have to be managed so they do not control your actions.

Managing your money is absolutely necessary, logically.

And finally, skill management means you need to study, study, study.

Learning from the more experienced and professionals in your industry is a must!

Step 5. Goal Setting.

Go for your goals with ALL your might!

Be very specific and add as much detail as possible.

Some things to think about could include: how long will it take, will it involve other people, how much money will I need, do I need more education?

Take time to add as much detail as possible.

Know exactly what will be needed for your project to succeed.

Exact details can, and will change as you progress, but for this initial planning phase be as detailed as possible.

Step 6. Image.

Did you know you have only 7 seconds to make an impression on a person you meet the first time, so you have better take care of that image of yours!

Straighten up, nice warm welcoming smile, pleasant posture, firm handshake, just to name a few.

Step 7. Passion.

It is required!

Passion with purpose will drive you towards your goals.

Passion to gets you out of bed in the morning, passion makes you sit up till late, passion will make you want to continue doing what you are doing no matter what.


Step 8. Discipline.

So you want to be a billionaire?


This is not a trick question.

Because if you don’t know why – if your “why” is not strong enough, you may never make it to the first six-figure level.

Make sure your “why” is bigger than you are (bigger than your mere “wants”).

Once you get up past the six-figure level (monthly or yearly, either one) and move ever higher, believe it or not, “things” will begin to bore you.

There must be a higher calling that compels you to keep moving ever upward.

Locate your why!

Step 9. People Skills.

Be nice to people, be a leader.

Pay close attention to leadership skills and people skills if you want to be a 6-7 figure earner.

People will only join you and make things with you if are a good leader and a nice person.

It all depends on how you make them feel when they are around you.

Step 10. Short term Sacrifice.

For long term success short term sacrifice is required.

Short term sacrifice to take your business to the next level.

So there you are, 10 incredibly pieces of valuable advice that are needed in order to become a pro and ultimately reach your goals.

So get back up on your horse and get those 10 steps incorporated into your daily routine right now if you want to see your business go through the roof.

Because you know what the best part is?

That this is not rocket science and anyone can do this if they set their mind to it!

What steps have you done to rock your world as a network marketer that you would like to share with us?

Please post your comments below, we would like to hear from you.

So, tell me, what steps you need to complete to rock your world.

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