Ten Steps To Crush It In 2016 For Your Home Business

These ten steps must be achieved for you to crush it in 2016 for your home business to succeed your wildest dreams.

  1. Desire Desire – you must want it bad enough that you see, feel and taste it. There is nothing more important than having a desire deep down to achieve your home business. A wish is far different than a desire. Everybody has wishes, but wishes are meaningless without desire. Every single person wishes they had all of the money they wanted to fulfill all of their dreams. However, only a small amount of people ever have all the money they want. The people who do have all the money they want have a massive desire to get these results. This desire enables them to work more than others and to see opportunities where others see none. You need to have a desire that consumes you for what you’re trying to achieve. You need to find a desire that moves you. No matter how smart you are, no matter what’s happened to you in your life, you can do great things if you put a massive desire behind your wishes. Wish big and create a desire, and your life and career will never be the same.
  1. vision Vision – you need to see yourself in that home business. If you have a clear vision, you will eventually attract the right strategy. If you don’t have a clear vision, no strategy will save you. Once you get clear on what you want, the how almost took care of itself. Through the years, I had learned that if you think about strategy (the “how”) too early, it will actually inhibit your vision (the “what”) and block you from thinking as big as you need to think. What you need is a vision that is so big that it is compelling, not only to others, but to  If it’s not compelling, you won’t have the motivation to stay the course and you won’t be able to recruit others to help you. Give yourself permission to envision the perfect future for your home business. 
  1. blog Blog – A blog can be an incredible tool for sharing information and expertise. A blog offers a home business a chance to build a real community. Blogs make it easy and quick for people to post, comment, and update posts and making it easy for everyone to participate. A blog can be a powerful marketing tool. Marketing through your blog can attract and develop a regular audience. A well-done blog does two important things for a business web site. It makes it easy to add and update content, so there’s always something fresh on the site. It helps establish a relationship with visitors and build a climate of trust. Potential customers get to know you and know about your home business through your blog. And for a home business, a blog can be an inexpensive way to establish an Internet presence.
  1. Landing Page Lead Capture Page – It is also sometimes called a Landing Page, Squeeze Page or Splash page but they all function the same way. The sole purpose of a Lead Capture Page is to collect the name and email address of someone who may be interested in your product or service.  In other words, the main purpose of your Lead Capture Page should be to “Generate A Lead”. When a new prospect fills out the optin form on your website with their name and email address, they will automatically be directed to another page to receive the information they requested. You can generate more optin leads by giving away something free in exchange for their contact information like a free report or free download.
  1. autoresponder Autoresponder – Is an email marketing tool that allows you to send emails to large or small lists of leads. The best part is you can set up an automated sequence of emails to go out to your list. But it doesn’t stop there. With your autoresponder you can also send out a broadcast message. Meaning that any time you want to email your list you can sit down, write the email and sent it to one or more of your lists. So if you get inspired or even just want to share some story of success. Check out tools and resources for autoresponders you can use.
  1. offer Offers – Are the gateways to lead generation. Without them, your visitors have no way of getting converted into leads. They are also a critical tool for nurturing existing leads into a position that makes them more sales-ready. Always place your offers on landing pages. This allows you to collect information that helps you qualify a new or reconverting lead and track what they’ve downloaded from you throughout the sales cycle.
  1. High Ticket Offer High Ticket Offer – Is a product or service that cost $500 or more that you are offering. What if you sold 10 of your $10 products this month. You’ll earn $100. If you sold 10 products with a $1000 commission you’d clear a cool $10,000 and with a $4000 commission you’d be banking $40,000 a month from 10 sales. Remember that the Internet is a very big place where people are actively searching for these high ticket products to buy. We have to also take into account that people who purchase high ticket products are more realistic and less demanding also. The truth is that you do the same marketing work for much more profits. For either low ticket or high ticket items, the process is much the same. You set the foundation, set up your autoresponder, create your blog and generate traffic.
  1. youtube channel You Tube Channel – This will be used for you to save your videos so you can embed them on your blog for your home business.
  1. Facebook Fan Page Facebook Fan Page – This will be used to post your blogs and advertise your product or services that your home business offers.
  1. mentorship Mentorship – This is support you will need to help your business grow. Being new to a home business, you may need assistance from others who have an intimate knowledge of how a home business works. Many home business owners try to get that information from business books and classes. While these can be helpful on their own, they are more helpful alongside being mentored. In a home business mentoring relationship, a seasoned home business owner meets with a new or potential business owner one-on-one, in a community, or in a group to give advice and boost your morale.

If you are missing any of these 10 things, then it should become clear why you are struggling to get to the next level in your home business.

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Comment below and let me know if you are ready to crush it in 2016 with your home business.

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