Attraction Marketing 101

Attraction Marketing 101

What do I mean by Attraction Marketing 101?

Basically this is for video…

I see people when they first come online and start doing videos.

They are kind of scared and they talk in a low monotone voice.

It’s more like a robot.

I want to help you with that…

A lot of people I noticed when they start are not showing any emotions what so ever

I’m sorry you got to smile… You got to joke around… You got to be lively…

Because if you gonna be like a zombie…

Unfortunately people are going to click off your channel and they are going to find something else that is more interesting.

So lighten up

The best way I can tell you to do this is find your avatar.

Think of somebody who you would love talk with.

Who can you be open with and joke around with… that will make you smile.

That’s who you should be talking to when you are recording you video.

So this way you can have that smile on your face because you want to be in their presence and you’re happy to be in their presence.

Otherwise if you keep on talking like a therapist and talking in that low monotone voice and trying to get your point across and their not going to understand what your doing and your talking like a robot…

You’re going to start turning people off.

So lighten up!

Let people see who you truly are.

Be your true authentic self… So people will resonate with you and you will get people that like you.

Get on your channel and get interested in you.

They will want to know more of what you have to offer.

To learn more of what you want to do.

Otherwise you are not going to get a following.

People wont follow you because you are going to be to boring.

You don’t want to be boring… do you?

I don’t think so… lighten up.

That’s why video is called entertainment.

You got to entertain the people.

It’s almost like you being an actress or an actor.

Show people who you are.

Resonate, smile, joke, even if you want to do funny faces…

You got to grab their attention because if you don’t grab their attention…

They are going to be like… do I want to stay on this channel… Is this really interesting enough for me… no, bye…

They are going to leave you like a hot potato.

Create an Avatar.

Think of somebody who you really want to resonate with… who you can be open with… who you can smile with… who you can joke with…

So you can be more alluring when doing your video.

Believe me when I first started doing videos…

Believe me I was bad.

Look below to see my first video so you can see the before and now.

Here is my first video

Oh god my son use to drive me crazy.

He said “Ma show some more emotions… You look like your freaking dead.”

I am a lot better now then when I first started doing videos and everybody is like that because they’re afraid.

They don’t know what they’re doing…

They’re afraid of the camera… Will somebody like me… Do I look good on camera…

Don’t worry about that because it doesn’t matter.

People will resonate with you and when people resonate with you…

They will go on your channel and they will look at more of your videos.

Especially if you have stuff to offer.

Show people who you really are and don’t be afraid.

Only you can make people resonate with you and if you wind up shying behind the camera and not showing your true authentic self…

People are not going to come on.

They are just going to say “Bye”… Maybe next time I’ll see if you are getting any better or not.

But you have to show emotions…

This is what I mean about Attraction Marketing 101

People don’t show emotions at all.

They’re afraid too.

It’s okay… Like I said… Find your Avatar.

Somebody who you want to talk to… who you would open up to… who you resonate with… Who you want to have that smile for.

My Avatar is my husband and we use to joke around so much and I would love to see him again and that’s why I have a smile on my face.

Listen guys… Lighten up… Be yourself because if you don’t a smile, if you don’t resonate…

People are not going to come on.

They’re not going to be resonating with you…

You want more people to follow you, to see what you are all about…What you have to offer.

Comment below and let me know what you think of attraction marketing 101

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