What You Should Know About Content Marketing Strategy

What you should know about Content Marketing Strategy.

Content marketing, is typically a soft-sell sales approach to attract customers and retain them through creating and delivering relevant and meaningful content.

It’s essentially a combination of sales techniques and organic marketing that is all in one.

The trick is disguising your efforts well enough that your customers don’t know that they are being sold.

They should feel like they are becoming better informed.

In content marketing, you designate your specific audiences that you want to “pitch” content to.

Content Marketing Strategy

Once they bite, you work to have a profitable customer action through consistently giving content you feel that will help shape their behavior to get a conversion.

Content marketing pieces are often found in the form of blog posts, white papers, case studies, PR, social media marketing, inbound marketing, PPC, SEO, and more.

So what’s the difference between this and content strategy?

A content marketing strategy is simply a link to your content strategy.

It focuses solely on creating, measuring, and publishing content marketing pieces for specific audiences.

It accurately addresses the “Why” and what motivates customers to engage.

A good content marketing strategy can only live up to its fullest potential if there is a strong content strategy foundation holding it up.

In other words, your content strategy addresses the “How” of using your content, as well as the “Where” and the “What”.

content marketing

Example, would you build the walls and roof of a house without building a foundation first.

Of course not…

This is the same with a content marketing strategy.

It only works if you have a strong content strategy foundation.

This foundation helps to align branding, messaging, and pretty much all aspects of content marketing to the overall content goals of your company before you begin to actively market it.

Don’t Get Tempted To Be Lazy

being lazy

Honestly, due to how much time is being needed to create a good content strategy, a lot of people completely skip it and focus solely on content marketing.

While focusing on content marketing can bring you some success.

It will most likely hinder your impact you could have made.

Only if you had assessed how your content was going to be used and implemented on every level of your business.

Because you are relying on your creative side without taking into account your strategic side.

I know it’s tempting to publish content on your website to get it out to everybody and feel like you’re doing something that is content wise.

But don’t just create content for the sake of creating content.

Create content that has purpose, that aligns with your business goals and that has been designed to produce a calculated response.

All of the things you would map out before it had a good content strategy.

This is the way to truly maximize your content marketing efforts.

Content Marketing

A solid content strategy that is paired with a valuable content marketing strategy is one of the biggest tools your business can utilize in maximizing your reach online.

Make sure your content strategy foundation has been well planned out before rolling out your content marketing strategy.

Make the most of this year by hammering out that content strategy ASAP.

By doing this your content will have more purpose and produce more measurable results.

You’ll be surprised what your content marketing can actually accomplish when it has a strong content strategy backing it up.

Now to create targeted content, you need to have the appropriate message to bring that audience through every step in their journey.

Depending on where your audience is in their buying process, they may need content that:

  • Raises awareness by helping them understand what your business does and that you understand a particular set of problems they face.
  • Promotes discovery by drawing their attention to the fact that your business has the products or services necessary to solve those problems.
  • Fosters comparisons by allowing your business to showcase its knowledge, expertise, and high-quality products and services, by keeping you different from your competitors.
  • Encourages a sale by providing the right information to ensure that the target has everything they need to confidently purchase your products and services.

The tone of your message, as well as how often you communicate it, will vary depending on where your target audience is in its journey.

It needs to resonate with your targeted audience it is intended for.

Simply put, a one-size-fits-all approach most likely won’t work.

You need to understand your buyers’ journey is the only part of the equation.

To truly create targeted content, you also need to thoroughly understand who your buyers are and develop detailed personas for them.

In other words create an avatar.

Be sure to create multiple avatars to correspond with the various types of buyers you’re targeting.

Doing so will not only make you think about your targeted buyers more regularly, but it will help you craft content that’s more customized for their needs.

When you know who you are writing for, what challenges they face, and what expectations they have, it’s much easier to create targeted content that will resonate and finally help them to buy.

It’s our job to create content worth sharing. 

How it’s shared isn’t up to us.

If you take a look at this infographic, you will see many content marketing options you can use.

Each with its own balance of difficulty and value.

content marketing

Your job is to figure out what types of content are most valuable to your audience and most likely they will share it.

And then go gather the resources to produce the best content you possibly can.

If you truly want to develop an effective content strategy, it’s important to have a plan.

Otherwise you might fall into a rut, and simply create content that feels forced and doesn’t help your business achieve its goals.

Or you might lose your way, and fail to produce content at the rate needed to achieve your goals.

So before you start writing, take the time to reflect and plan.

Developing your strategy will help your business in the long run.

It’s going to make it easier to achieve goals for your site and your sales, cut down on costs, and you may even surprise yourself and surpass your expectations.

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