Content Marketing: How Small Businesses Can Succeed At It

Small Businesses Can Succeed At Content Marketing

The small business owner can also take advantage of the distribution power of the web to create powerful campaigns that drive eyeballs and potential new customers using content marketing.

The Internet has made it easier than ever to create and share content.

This means small businesses can more effectively communicate and engage with their followers or customers.

However, there is a catch…

Because of the low barrier of entry to create and share content, it also means that businesses who fail to properly plan and execute a professional strategy will quickly get left behind.

With technology constantly evolving, the rate at which content is created and shared is alarming.

Indeed, it is true that anyone with access to a computer and the web can create a company blog, for free, and start typing away.

However, creating content for “content’s sake” doesn’t create value.

In order to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses must develop and implement a robust content marketing strategy that takes advantage of various available channels in unique ways.

While the tools available make it easy for us to communicate and distribute our message to potential customers, creating and maintaining that message is more important than ever before.

The benefit for a small business is technologies like social media create a better opportunity to connect with an interested audience.

This gives marketers the ability to share more about their product or service and really tell their story.

Businesses need to utilize modern content marketing techniques to connect individually and intimately with their fans and develop long and fruitful relationships.

These relationships are not forged over night or by simply slapping an advertisement on a billboard.

They have to be fostered over time, through well-crafted content, and reinforced consistently.

Content marketing is not a one-time effort, and those who have the ability to create an endless stream of this engagement are the brands who will ultimately reap its rewards.

Every successful business owner will tell you that a key element to their long-term success is being able to connect with their audience.

Understanding how this is done on an emotional level is the highest prize in marketing.

This not achieved by bombarding an audience with TV or print advertisements, but rather strategically educating or entertaining them, consistently, until your brand equates to a positive feeling for them over time.

Successful content marketers will tell you that establishing this connection with an audience at the right time and place is equally important, and is one of the true awesome opportunities social media provides.

By engaging with an audience and becoming a trusted source of information, you now open the door to communicate with them with an actual offer to purchase a product or service exactly when they are in “buy now” mode.

This process also empowers the customer.

They get to support a brand they have grown to adore, which makes their purchase a much more powerful one by creating a feeling of individuality.

Instead of purchasing a product everyone has seen and probably owns, the customer who was “wooed” by engaging content and has become brand loyal.

They will feel more “special” because of their educated decision-making and will likely become a customer for life.

But the long-term ROI for implementing successful content marketing strategies is one any business should be hoping to achieve.

Content marketing will help accomplish this goal, but there are also many other immediate and short-term benefits of utilizing content marketing.

Concepts you find in marketing meetings!

Native advertising is simply content that is placed in a newsfeed on a social media outlet or published on relevant partner websites as a “suggested post”.

This can either be a short description and link to content hosted elsewhere or can be the full content itself.

For example, Dell paid for an ad in The New York Times that resembled a typical New York Times article, as opposed to a generic ad (something more and more consumers are ignoring).

Chances are if it looks like an ad, people are going to completely skip over it.

The native ad approach takes the content marketing blueprint and wraps it into a more formal sales pitch for an idea.

Native advertising should be engaging, authentic, inspiring, and educational, just as with all of your content marketing material.

It should also relate to the interests and values of your audience.

Effective native ads will drive new traffic back to your content marketing inventory and the cycle of engagement begins.

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10 Essential Tips to Remember About Content Marketing

Before you fully launch a content marketing campaign, it’s important to consider these do’s and don’ts:

  1. Only share quality content – don’t waste your time with spammy nonsense.
  2. Don’t give up that quality for quantity – again it’s all about building value.
  3. Engage with your audience in comments and on social media.
  4. Keep the sales pitches out of your informative content –let the customer come to you.
  5. Make sure to document your research through linking.
  6. Know you stuff – don’t make up stuff out of thin air.
  7. Showcase your personality in how you deliver the content and message. Set the reader up to engage or want to do something (like subscribing to your future reads)
  8. Never copy or plagiarize a competitor’s work – make yours fresh and better than theirs.
  9. Cater your content to your target audience and to their specific needs.
  10. Never keyword stuff your articles – write your content for people AND search engines.

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Infographic on content marketing

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