Declare Your Independence

Declare Your Independence

Today is July 4th and just as our forefathers before us got fed up with the status quo and declared their independence…

So is the time for you to declare your own independence.

Just as Abraham Lincoln referenced the declaration of independence in his Gettysburg Address…

You should declare your legacy to be one of entrepreneurial independence.

That independence starts with doing something different to get a different result.  

Stop that vicious cycle of feeling stuck in the mud, like your spinning your wheels or worse… being paralyzed with fear. 

Choose today as your day of independence. 

According to Psychology Today…

There are 5 stages to changing behavior.

So lets get started with your own change.

Next, to declare today your independence day…

You need to rely on your strengths…

As well as, recognizing and work on getting better at your weaknesses.

This is true even if that means recognizing them.

Then you need to work hard to build a team that can help you by using their own strengths to fill in the gap for your weakness. 

The point in declaring your independence is to shed that negative or complacent attitude and begin behaviors that facilitate GROWTH

Whether that growth is in business or personal, standing on your own requires knowing and believing in yourself. 

At least when it comes to your attitude to do and be better.

Operating within your strengths and recognizing areas of weakness give you the confidence needed to branch out and take steps you wouldn’t have considered before.

That brings me to the next area that will help you declare your independence today.  

Take the risk! 

If you are like me, the risk won’t be too risky at first, but the more you begin to trust your knowledge, the riskier you can be.

Sometimes it’s good to feel those butterflies before you make decisions. 

It doesn’t have to mean something is wrong…

It could mean you are stepping out on faith and believing in the outcome even though you can’t see what the end will bring. 

When I think of a calculated risk…

I think about the work I have done in preparation for what’s to come and all the different outcomes and what they mean for me. 

As long as I am okay with them, I am willing to take the risk.

Finally, to declare your independence todayyou have to actively participate in your business

Get down and dirty with decision making, marketing, analytics, and research. 

Social media can be scheduled, but consumers like relevant content.

roll up your sleeves

You have to roll up your sleeves, research and develop answers to the most asked questions and most importantly….BE PATIENT

Success doesn’t come overnight.

At least for the majority of us anyway.

Want to declare your independence TODAY?

I firmly believe you can do this too.

Let’s look at step 1.

Step 1 – Make a commitment

Doesn’t all success ultimately begin with a commitment?

I believe it does.

But many today, mistake commitment for interest.

Far too many are willing to “try” a thing and see if it works without making a real commitment.

Far too few are willing to abandon their fear and fully commit to a proven course of action.

I’ve been blessed in my life to have succeeded in several industries.

While good luck, hard work and a willingness to learn were present in each case, my success can no doubt be traced back to making a commitment.

Consider what Ken Blanchard, co-author of the One Minute Manager, has to say about commitment.

There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses – only results.

We all “hit the wall” when pursuing success.

Obstacles we could not have imagined pop up from the most unexpected places, threatening to sidetrack our progress.

When a person with commitment encounters these obstacles they say “how do I solve this problem?

The person without commitment often says “how do I get out of this deal?

The difference between these two mindsets is huge, and is very often the difference between success and yet another disappointment.

Step 2 – Believe in yourself

Allow me to borrow a little story from Zig Ziglar.

Imagine that tomorrow morning a person you completely trusted called you and said the following …

I’ve been meaning to tell you for some time that I’m glad you are my friend. You are a credit to your profession and a real asset to your family and community. People look up to how you live your life and the choices you make. If I could spend an hour a day with you I know my life would be better.

How would that make you feel?

If you were a teacher or a Mom or an engineer would you be a better teacher, Mom or engineer?

Of course you would!

But would you know more than you knew before about being a teacher, Mom or engineer?

Not at all.

The truth is this…

No one is going to make that call.

So you have to do it yourself.

Am I talking about talking to yourself? 


You are the voice you trust most so why not hear some good things from yourself instead of the negative we all must fight?

You see, self-motivation and self-worth make us better at anything we try to do.

But motivation is like bathing, you have to do it everyday to avoid beginning to stink a little.

believe in yourself

One of the saddest realities in today’s world is that many people don’t really believe in themselves.

They can see how this person or that person could achieve success.

But they can’t see how success will happen for them.

The list of reasons are long.

  • I’m too old
  • I don’t understand business
  • I don’t understand technology
  • That business is already saturated
  • There is too much competition
  • I wouldn’t know how to find customers
  • I’m no salesperson

Don’t get me wrong…

There are very real reasons why success might take a bit longer for some than others.

But there is no reason why all people can’t succeed online.

Step 3 – Write your own declaration of independence

Do you have a written personal mission statement?

If you do, then you have your own personal declaration of independence.

Good for you.

But most who read this don’t have a written mission statement.

A simple statement of what they want their life to be about and the legacy they want to leave behind.

Most of us know what we want. 

We know who and what we want to become.

But we forget to take that next step and write it down.

While it’s fine to want to be a good person…

Or love others as you love yourself…

Or to try to make the world a better place…

Nothing replaces a written mission statement.

If you need help getting started with a mission statement of your own.

Please check out this article on

Step 4 – Have a written goals program

In my view this is the big one.

It has often been said that studies show that only 3% of people have written goals.

Those 3%, according to the lore, earn more than the other 97% combined.

Having written goals…

I mean a complete goals program…

Has been the most important thing I’ve ever done in business.

Yes … THE most important.

How can it be the most important?

Because my goals program, which is extensive, is the rudder of my business and life ship.

My goals help me see the futureanalyze the present and prepare for what’s next

I never have to wonder what to do next because it’s in my goals program.

I use a very simple, proven method to set goals.

And I have done so for many years.

If you want to use what I use click here to learn more about Zig Ziglar’s goals program.

That’s not an affiliate link, just a wholehearted endorsement of the best program out there in my view.

Choose a Proven Path

Step 5 – Choose a proven path

They say that most people working online will never earn even $100.

Sad but probably true.

I believe the major reasons for this is information overload, confusion and the endless pursuit of the “quick fix” or “next big thing”.

If you were my brother or sister I would tell you this…

TOTALLY IGNORE the “next shiny object” that promises overnight success with little or no effort and do the things that really work online.

What are those things?

My blog is full of articles about them.

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Web traffic and sales conversion
  • List building
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Goal setting, motivation and positive thinking

These are the most proven paths to success online.

You don’t need to do them all but you do need to do the ones that make sense to you and to which you are willing to commit.

Remember this …

Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly until you can do it well.

Just like the first time you tried to repair a car or bake a cake or play any sport, success takes time and practice. 

Trial and error.

When you are examining your commitments and setting your goals remember this …

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel in order to succeed.

In fact, going for the “next big thing” while ignoring proven methods just might be the fastest way to fail online.

Choose a proven, reliable, understandable way of working online and commit to that.

Step 6 – Work on a schedule

I know a lot of people reading this work a job and do their online business after work.

Many work online after dinner or after the kids are in bed.

I admire your persistence and effort.

No matter whether you work a job and then work online or whether you can devote your full time attention to your online business…

Working on a fixed schedule will help you.

The benefits of working on a schedule are many.

Allow me to share my favorites.

Working on a fixed schedule will …

  • Help you get moredone
  • Help you not overwork
  • Help you maintain focus
  • Help you not feel burned out
  • Help you set boundariesin other areas of life
  • Help you prioritizehow you spend your time

If you have ever found yourself clicking links in emails

Thinking that maybe this one is the one that will turn things around, and forgetting what you really intended to do…

Then working on a schedule will help you.

I believe almost anything can be scheduled.

From reading email (only twice a day!) to writing a book to checking out new business to posting ads…

If you schedule your work you will get more done in less time and enjoy that work more.

Never Give Up

Step 7 – Never surrender your dream

I saved the best for last! 

We all have dreams.

You have one and I have one. 

Some of us have many.

Whether yours is written down or not, you have a dream in your mind of what you want life to be like.

This dream is your dream of the life you want and must NEVER be surrendered.

It must be kept alive at all costs.

POWs who return from war constantly report that they had a several dream that kept them alive and sane.

Top achievers, who are often recognized as an “overnight success” often talk about the dream that got them there.

When in fact they have worked hard for years to get there.

Never surrendering to me means never surrendering YOUR dream.

Think of it this way…

The dream you hold in your heart, the dream of what you want your life to be like, is the destination.

The business you choose, the methods you use and the people you work with are the vehicles that get you to that destination.

The vehicle might change but the destination remains the same.

I’ve been online long enough now to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that success is waiting for those who seek it, who chart a clear and proven path, take bold action and never surrender.

Nothing is more freeing than a successful online business.

One you can operate from anywhere, on your own schedule and in complete freedom.

You deserve success.

You deserve freedom.

Both are waiting for you right now in the form of a successful online business.

When you have both you will have a beautiful thing indeed.

You can ensure your success best by being sure you are getting into the right opportunity in the first place.

Now with that being said…

You might be a little scared to take action.

Would you like to have a step by step system and a coach that with guide you through the process?

Your coach earns 6 to 7 figure monthly and is happy to guide you to your path to success.

Now how would you like having sales team close all your deals for you while you are learning your business.

You will also get access to your very own traffic coach.


Her 7K Day

So are you ready to declare your independence?

I’d love to hear it in the comments below…

Here is another good blog to read: Declare Your Independence Where It Matters: At Work

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