The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

Here are the dos and the don’ts of Facebook marketing.

Facebook is a tricky place to market your business. While some have success, others have simply wasted their time.

To ensure that your business is successfully marketing on the world’s largest social media network, follow these simple do’s and don’ts for success.

Things You Should Do with Facebook Marketing:

  1. Post Consistently

A business page should be posting content at least twice a day. 

While it may seem like overkill, reality is that every 20 minutes, 1 million links are shared on Facebook.  

By consistently sharing great content, you improve your chances of reaching your target audience and connections.

  1. Post Content That Will Engage Your Fans

The number one rule for Facebook marketing is…. Engage!

Ask questions, ask for feedback, respond to comments.

People want to be included, not just fed information.

facebook engagement

  1. Interact with Followers

The “social” in social media should tip you off as to how you should use Facebook properly to market your business.

You need to create and incentivize fan engagement.

It’s the single most important step a business can take to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts on Facebook.

Create posts that engage users with questions and post only relevant content with plenty of photos and video.

  1. Everyone Loves to Be Tagged

If someone is affiliated in anyway with your post on Facebook, tag them.

People love to be tagged, and it will show up on their wall, improving your reach.

  1. Expand Your Social Circle

Your fans are your greatest marketing asset.

Reaching out to your fan’s extended social circle is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to new leads and create a bigger pool of potential customers.

Create content that can be shared and don’t be afraid to include a call to action.

Get fans to spread your message.

facebook social media

  1. Think wider than Facebook

Social media marketing can be a serious drain on time.

When each second is precious in running a business and maintaining profitability.

Be honest…

Facebook holds the greatest potential but there are many other channels.

Many business owners are concerned that repeat posts on multiple social media sites will create spam but instead, social media users rarely see the repeat posts.

A business that posts across multiple platforms exposes their message to a wider audience base on a more consistent basis.

  1. Gamify Your Marketing

Gamification is a craze that’s sweeping just about every facet of the online world.

Gamifying your marketing means running contests, promotions, and sweepstakes to engage users and increase your following.

A well run contest with a tempting prize and an aggressive marketing campaign can reap big rewards for the savvy Facebook marketer.

Don’t miss out on this marketing initiative to increase sales and engagement.

Things You Should Avoid Doing With Facebook Marketing:

  1. Turn Off Comments

People complain, deal with it.

Turn a negative comment into an opportunity to improve and provide great customer service.

  1. Don’t Just Promote Your Product

Don’t just post information about your company. 

No one wants to be sold to all the time.

Help your connections by offering expertise in your industry, share articles that your fans would be interested in.

Post testimonials from your customers, offer fun facts and other content to engage your audience.

  1. Don’t Post Controversial Content or Pictures

There are many touchy topics out there, be careful as to which one you post about.

You may not find a topic or viewpoint offensive, but that doesn’t mean the reader won’t.

Think about content you are sharing, prior to posting it.

Facebook is a marketing tool that can be utilized to benefit your business and increase revenue.

Facebook Newsfeed

  1. Spam your Fans News Feeds

When you have prepared the right message and launched a new idea, be careful to post updates appropriately.

Ads which constantly appear on newsfeeds are annoying and if you look at the comments you will see many venting their frustration.

Similarly, irrelevant posts cause fans to turn away, blocking your updates at best and unfollowing you at worst.

Consistent high quality updates are an important way to expose your message to your fans but ensure its content that will be welcomed.

No ‘Happy Fridays’!

  1. Be Boring

Social media sites are a fantastic opportunity to engage in almost free marketing.

Unfortunately, many businesses squander this opportunity by posting repetitive, boring updates.

Don’t underestimate the power of something new.

Branch out to develop video, cartoons, and infographics to present your message in a new and innovative way.

Just like spamming with constant updates, boring Facebook feeds get ignored or blocked.

Be creative and expand your following.


  1. Use Hashtags

While hashtags are a must on Twitter and Instagram, they simply are not taking off on Facebook.

While Twitter was founded on the ubiquitous hashtags, Facebook users haven’t embraced them on the social media site.

In fact, the use of hashtags in Facebook posts has actually been shown to decrease user interaction and sharing.

Leave the hashtags on Twitter and focus on punchy quips and visual content for Facebook posts.

  1. Ignore Your Statistics

Facebook Insights are a powerful tool and have recently been updated so you can measure much more than before.

Have you checked out the latest update? 

Regardless of whether you follow the rest of the do’s and don’ts of Facebook marketing, a successful campaign is only as good as the final results.

Don’t get caught up in the incessant posting and interacting without analyzing whether it’s actually yielding results.

Sit down once the campaign is over and analyze what was successful and what failed.

Use those results to determine the best way to use your time in the future.

Facebook marketing can be a powerful tool.

Understanding what yields results and what falls flat is pivotal to using your time wisely on the social media site.

Follow the do’s and don’ts of Facebook marketing to increase your following and positively impact your business.

These dos and don’ts should help you with your Facebook Marketing.

So, tell me, which dos or don’ts you find the most useful in Facebook Marketing?

Let me know your dos and don’ts if you want to share them.

Facebook Marketing Tips 2016 | 1 Secret but Powerful Facebook Marketing Tip
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