The Do’s and Don’ts on Pinterest Marketing

Here are the dos and the don’ts on Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest fascinates many marketers because of the visual gratification this social media platform provides.

But not all businesses have a proper Pinterest strategy in place.

Before you go ahead and start pinning things randomly, here are some do’s and dont’s you need to keep in mind when using Pinterest.

Things you should do with Pinterest Marketing

1. Do Have a Complete Profile

There is nothing more unprofessional looking than an incomplete profile.

Make sure your profile describes your business with keywords that users will search.

Have your picture or logo in place.

A complete profile also includes building, at a minimum, 10 boards, with at least 9 pins on each board.

This gives you an active appearance and you want people to explore your boards.

Whatever you do, don’t have empty boards and delete them if you aren’t using them.

In other words, you want to look like you are ‘home’. 

pinterest realationships

2. Do Build Relationships

Similar to other social media sites, Pinterest is all about building relationships.

To accomplish this, you need to follow those that follow you, follow new connections, mention people in your pins, repin others, and like pins throughout the site.

An overlooked piece of Pinterest is the comment feature.

This is a great tool to form relationships and take them beyond pins.

Comment when appropriate and set yourself apart from the rest of the users.

3. Do Tap into Viewers Emotions

Recently, it was founded that on Facebook, the most engaged posts include pictures.

This is where Pinterest shines above all the other social media platforms.

Pictures allow you to tap into the emotions of your followers.

Using the right pictures can tell a story about you and your business.

Viewers get to really see your personality and what you like, allowing you to be real!

Show who you are.

pinterest followers

4. Do Create Opportunities for Followers to Promote You

By using fun options like a “Pin It To Win It” contest or asking followers to pin pictures of themselves with your product, this can directly create an opportunity to promote your business.

You can also ask for reviews of your product(s) by your followers as well as asking them to pin them to their boards.

5. Don’t Forget the Search Engines

Pinterest is great for search engine optimization.

Be sure that your profile is set up to be searched by the search engines.

You can do this through your settings.

Also, keep in mind that Pinterest has a #hashtag function similar to Twitter.

This allows seekers to find you through your keywords.

Make sure you are defining your keywords, so your audience can find you.

6. Make your boards visually stimulating.

Board cover photos are an important aspect of attracting your audience.

Big, clear and high-quality images and catchy board names are the key to making a good impression.

7. Use Pinterest “Pin it” Buttons

Use Pin it buttons for original content on your website.

Uploading images to your Pinterest account from your website will link people back to your website from your pins.

This is important from a search engine ranking perspective and to increase your website traffic.

pinterest pin it

8. Share and comment on pins

The people who are relevant to your business, share and comment on their pins.

Try to initiate discussions with audiences that matter.

9. Provide a visible subscription button to your page.

If they like the content they may want to subscribe, you should make this as easy as possible.

10. Provide easy purchasing directions on your site.

If it is confusing, or there are technical problems, customers may be deterred from following through with their purchase.

11. Use commenting on your own pins.

Ask questions, initiate discussions, engage your audience to come back for more.

12. Boost your Pinterest Page

By promoting it on your existing Facebook and Twitter Pages.

This will help you build your Pinterest followers.

13. Improve your visibility on Pinterest.

Use Keywords that are part of your website SEO strategy in your pins, boards, and profile description to make it easier for people to find you.

Things You Should Avoid Doing with Twitter Marketing:

1. Upload images directly from your computer.

These will not link back to your website and you will lose out on valuable traffic.

2. Don’t pin pictures from your site that have no content on your site.

If someone has followed the photo to your website it is because they want to read more about the topic of the photo.


3. Don’t direct people to a sales page (the “add to cart” page) with no product information.

Prices, reviews, etc are always good to have immediately.

4. Pin Randomly.

Your boards should be tied to a theme.

Pinning things that are not in line with your theme will confuse people and affect your reputation on Pinterest.

5. Repin without proper credits.

If you repost something you like but is not your original content, link back to the original source.

6. Blatantly push your offers, products and promotions.

People will unfollow you.

Use visual imagery that ties up with your theme and is in line with your brand personality.

Stretch your boundaries and share content that your followers will like to engage with.

7. Pin inconsistently and pinning too frequently

This might lead to people unfollowing you and pinning very few pins, might cause you to lose out on followers.

Find the right balance that works for you.

pinterest people

8. Forget to mention your people and what you do.

You can have separate boards that showcase your employees and the fun things you do.

Such boards help to give your brand a face and a personality that people can connect with.

9. Don’t SPAM Your Business

Pinterest is about building relationships.

If you are constantly promoting your business and products, you are going to irritate your followers.

This platform is not the place to directly market your business or push for sales.

Pinterest is more about indirect marketing.

Through your pins and pictures, your customers will connect with you and dig deeper into who you are.

Not only can followers get to your website from your pins, they can pin your content from your site.

Be sure you have a Pinterest button on the information you want pinned throughout your website.

10. Don’t Be ‘Pinning’ Happy

I don’t mean you shouldn’t be happy pinning, but what I do mean is you don’t want to pin everything you come across.

Be selective with your pins and use them wisely.

Too much pinning can be a turnoff for followers.

Think of the site as your online catalog.

What would you want displayed inside of your catalog?

Make sure that is what you are pinning.

To make the most out of your marketing with Pinterest, be creative and fun!

Just like any other social media platform; build relationships, be consistent and truly care about the people you are making a connection with.

Do you have any other Pinterest tips you would like to share with us?

Please post your comments below, we would like to hear from you.

So, tell me, which dos or don’ts you find the most useful in Pinterest Marketing?

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