The Do’s and Don’ts on Twitter Marketing

Here are the dos and the don’ts on Twitter marketing.

It goes without saying, your brand needs a Twitter handle.

Among the largest social media networks, Twitter can be a crucial component to any social marketing campaign.

But if you don’t use Twitter correctly, you can run into some trouble.

With over a billion users, all with their own unique point of view, there is so much that can go wrong in just 140 characters.

That’s where professional advice comes in handy.

A reputable social media agency should be able to tell you the Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter that will prevent the need for any sudden social media damage control.

Let’s take a look at how your brand can maximize its engagement on Twitter, simply by avoiding those silly, costly mistakes.

Things you should do with Twitter Marketing

Tweet Regularly

Do Tweet Regularly

Twitter moves fast.

If you want to your business or brand to be visible, you will have to commit to tweeting regularly.

Before you start, ask yourself if you will be able to send out 3-4 quality tweets spread throughout the day on a consistent basis.

If the answer is yes, consider yourself ready.

Do Add Value

Remember, your followers have allowed you to be a part of their Twitter stream because they believe you can make their lives better.

Fulfill that expectation.

Use your tweets to offer tips, give great advice, or to link to amazing content relevant to your niche.

There’s simply no better way to build authority and goodwill.

Do Offer Great Customer Service

Use a Twitter client to monitor the Twitterverse for mentions of your brand or company.

If you see a customer expressing frustration or asking for help with your products and services, reply to him right away and offer to solve the problem.

Not only will you impress him, but you may gain a great testimonial in the bargain.


Do Make Judicious Use of Hashtags

Savvy users will often add a “#” in front a keyword within their tweets.

This is called a hashtag, and it’s a handy way to help other users find and follow relevant conversations.

It’s a great strategy for connecting with potential customers, and one your business should consider adopting.

For example, a graphic designer might tweet “The secret to great #design is…” and finish with some sage advice.

Do Make Offers and Promote Your Brand

If you have built goodwill by providing followers with plenty of information they can use, feel free to make the occasional direct offer or say something self-promotional.

The gurus all suggest different ratios, but generally speaking, offering one pitch for every nine informational tweets you post is considered good form.

Do Your Research

As DiGiorno can attest, brands that fail to do their due diligence land in a world full of trouble.

The popular pizza brand found itself in hot water last September when it tweeted “#WhyIStayed You Had Pizza.”

The only problem?

The hashtag was meant to fight victim-blaming in situations involving domestic abuse.

Sure, DiGiorno eventually apologized, but if a simple did a background check on the hashtag had been done, the brand would have been spared the negative assault from millions on Twitter.

twitter engagement

Do Engage with Other Brands

While it might not seem like the easiest way to increase engagements, entering into a fun-loving conversation with another brand can do wonders for yours!

Take Oreo and AMC Theaters for example.

On the surface, these brands are completely different, but that did not stop the two from engaging in a good-natured quarrel, which catapulted the reply to over 1800 re-tweets!

When you engage with other brands through replies, you are not only grabbing the attention of your followers, but theirs as well.

Most Importantly…Do Take It Seriously

Yes, Twitter is a fun, engaging way to connect with your customers, but it is also a critical aspect of your social media strategy.

Ignoring your customer or being insensitive can slowly destroy your brand one tweet at a time.

All it takes is a simple click for someone to unfollow and never look back, so make sure your brand is in the business of gaining followers, not losing them.

Things You Should Avoid Doing with Twitter Marketing:

Unfortunately, Twitter marketing also comes with its own set of pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

To help you steer clear of these traps, here are a few of the most common Twitter “don’ts.”

twitter spam

Don’t Be Spammy

Remember that rule about one pitch per nine informational tweets mentioned above?

Don’t break it.

If your tweets are a constant stream of self-promotion that offers no real value to your followers, they will unfollow you without a second thought.

Don’t Stray Off-Topic

You are on Twitter to establish yourself as the “go to” resource in your niche, so stay on task.

Tweets about random topics unrelated to your brand will dilute your authority and cause you to lose followers.

Don’t Clutter Your Followers’ Timelines

While you want to offer enough tweets to make yourself visible, you do not want to tweet so often that followers start to view you as obnoxious.

Treat Twitter like a cocktail party and have something to say, but don’t dominate the conversation.

Don’t Send Automatic Direct Messages

Some brands and businesses send an automated thank you message to anyone who follows them.

While this may seem polite and be done with the best of intentions, most Twitter users dislike the practice and see it as insincere.

Don’t try to fight the prevailing culture on this one; you’ll lose.

twitter followers

Don’t Ignore Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes a brand’s Twitter account representative can make is failing to respond to their audience.

Social media is all about engagement and connecting with your target audience.

So, when you ignore consumers, it defeats the purpose.

In addition, many brands will only respond to positive sentiments and look the other way when a complaint makes its way to their social media pages.

Negative Feedback can be the most important kind of tweet to answer, since it is a second chance.

While a lack of a response will result in a lost customer, a well-thought out reply can possibly keep one.

Don’t Be Insensitive

When tweeting, it’s important to keep in mind that anyone with an account can view your tweets.

Back in 2011, Chrysler learned this the hard way.

When someone from the Chrysler account expressed the F-word in a tweet, the brand quickly had to save face.

Even if a brand is targeting a much older or more liberal audience, using offensive language is largely unnecessary and an easy way to lose followers or create negative feedback.

Don’t Obsess About the Number of Followers

Sure, having a huge amount of followers is great, but it doesn’t guarantee high engagement.

Studies show that 70% of the least engaged brands have over a million followers.

Clearly, that large following has done nothing to increase the popularity of their content.

The solution?

Create engaging content first, and the followers will eventually trickle in.

With a platform such as Twitter, you have to be swift and efficient to stay relevant.

Things can turn sour in a heartbeat.

It’s better to take your time and study the Twittersphere first, so you can preserve your followers and maintain the prestige of your brand.

These dos and don’ts should help you with your Twitter Marketing.

So, tell me, which dos or don’ts you find the most useful in Twitter Marketing?

Let me know your dos and don’ts if you want to share them.

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