Using Email List Segmentation For Network Marketing

Do you want to improve your network marketing response rates?

Consider segmenting your email list.

Even if you only have 25 people on your email list…

It’s never too early to start sending your subscribers specifically targeted information and creating categories that will come in even handier as your list grows.

But before you rush off to start dissecting that email list…

Let’s fill you in on the basics of list segmentation, why you should consider it and some ideas for smart segmentation.

What is email list segmentation?

Segmenting a list is simply the process of dividing it into sub-groups.

While everyone on an email list may get some messages, you can then send very specific or targeted messages to just one group when the occasion arises.

This lets you target individual readers who may be more receptive to your messages.

Segmentation of a list

Segmentation of a list is useful for a variety of reasons:

  • Ever felt inundated with marketing emails for a product you have already purchased?

Segmenting allows you to target non-buyers for a specific product or service, or let them know about a specific sale, but avoid overwhelming those who have already bought.

  • Similarly, you can target buyers of a product with how-to tutorials, tips and best practices, or even additional items that might improve their experience.
  • Segmenting can increase the effectiveness of the emails you send because they are more specific.
  • If a reader is more interested in just one area of what you sell, they no longer have to unsubscribe due to off-topic emails if you use list segmentation.
  • Segmenting also allows you hone in on your most active email readers and the content they love the most.

Segmenting lists by those who regularly open and click emails within a certain period of time gives you valuable information that you can use to improve the next email.

Capture information

You can begin by capturing information you will need for segmentation right when subscribers first opt in to your email list.

While you don’t want to overwhelm readers with long sign up forms as part of the opt-in process but should be kept quick and easy…

Asking one or two specific questions can help you with segmentation, whether that’s a zip code or a job title or the type of information they are most interested in which is selected from a drop-down menu.

You can also ask current subscribers to send you the information you are looking for. 

Geographic List Segmentation


If you would like to let your readers know about events or trade shows in their area, it’s as easy as collecting their zip codes.

Segmenting lists by location may be helpful simply for referring to specific events in an area whether you plan on attending or not.

For example, perhaps one of the products or services you sell would be particularly geared toward an event.

And it’s possible that customers in a specific region might prefer certain products or services, so you can target them with special offers.

Such as, articles with tips for energy drinks or specials on water filters  might be sent to geographic areas where water is needed, and sales on filter systems or recipes for energy drinks could be sent to regions that use them more often. 


Create a segment of your list for people who regularly engage with your messages by opening, clicking and perhaps even purchasing or making a donation or signing up for an event.

You could have a segment for those who regularly click on links in your email marketing campaigns.

They may be interested in more special tips or offers.

Those who aren’t as responsive could be put on a less frequent list, or one you try out different subject lines with.

Once a reader begins clicking on links or looking at your content, you can switch them to the more responsive list segment. 

This strategy is particularly effective if one of your subscribers is in the market for a product or service but decides to hold off for a period of time and something that could happen for a variety of reasons.

Subscribers will be less likely to unsubscribe if they are not inundated with messages during the time they are not actively purchasing, but can get right back into your sales funnel once they decide to start looking again…

Provided  that you segment by email links readers click on. 

Aspire Empire Team

Current clients

Segmenting isn’t just about increasing sales or converting prospects into paying customers but it may be part of it.

It’s also for showing current customers appreciation with exclusive offers, encouraging word-of-mouth sales through special referral incentives or sales, and providing tips and how-to for clients so that they can use the products they have already purchased more efficiently.

Similarly, prospects can get special first-time offers that current clients don’t necessarily need to know about. 

Areas of interest

If you offer several different services, it may be useful to segment users based on which type of content they interact with.

Such as, a marketing firm may send out different emails to non-profit companies and for-profit businesses, and entirely different content to individual buyers.

If your company sells baby supplies, you may offer different tips entirely for those interested in strollers as you do for those purchasing carriages but who might be looking for information on cribs. 

Multiple segments

Remember that some of your readers may fit into more than one segment…

So keep that in mind when determining how much email to send. 

Market Segmentation

Be selective

As important as list segmentation is, choose segments you can maintain.

If you segment too much, you will need additional time to create targeted emails for each group.

But it’s possible to send most email messages to everyone on your list and only to send to different segments as needed. 

Email segmentation gets results.

Try out a number of segmentation strategies, A/B test them, and use the ones that get your business the best outcomes.

Then do it again!

How do you segment your email list as a network marketer that you would like to share with us?

Please post your comments below, we would like to hear from you.

So, tell me, what tips has helped you as a network marketer to segment your list.

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