Do You Have an Entrepreneur or an Employee Mindset

Do You Have an Entrepreneur or an Employee Mindset

Have you ever asked yourself whether you had more of an entrepreneur or an employee mindset?

I have personally been both an entrepreneur and employee like many others that dare to take on the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur.

And before we dive into what I think the differences are between entrepreneurs vs employees mindset

Let’s make it clear that you don’t necessarily need to own your own business to be classified as an entrepreneur.

In my humble opinion it is more of a mindset than your status in the work force environment.

So many people I engage with on a daily basis don’t seem to understand what it means to be an Entrepreneur or perhaps they just don’t understand the concept.

Some view being an Entrepreneur as taking unnecessary risks…

But what it really comes down to is a certain mentality and way of life that not everyone is built for.

Whether you know what type of mindset you have, or have never taken the time to consider it…

I want to share a few truths with you that will put into perspective just how different employees and entrepreneurs are in areas like:

  • Their thinking
  • Their drive and initiative
  • Their approach and professional practices
  • Their decision-making and problem-solving processes
  • …and so on

So, to help you better understand which mindset you fall into, here are some truths that will introduce you to the basics of the Entrepreneur vs. Employee Mindset discussion.

Mindsets of Entrepreneurs vs Employees

Let’s compare the differences between an Entrepreneur and Employee.

Let’s start off with probably my favorite difference of the bunch.

Employees are threatened by people smarter than them…

Entrepreneurs try to get them on payroll.

The corporate world is survival of the fittest…

And if you aren’t the smartest or hardest working person in your department…

You will see people leap frog you for promotions.

Employees view the smarter people as competitors where Entrepreneurs mindset is one that attracts success.

Steve Jobs has been quoted saying that he would always be looking for people smarter than him and convince them to come work for him.

Next up is the concept of a perfect work/life balance.

Employees punch a clock and when they leave the work environment they are officially off duty and it is time with friends and family.

They are always chasing the dream of a perfect balance between work and life.

Entrepreneurs can’t live in this fantasy land because it isn’t realistically achievable.

At different times throughout life or during a startup one of these will always take precedence over the other.

It isn’t fair sometimes to our families or friends, but we can’t help it!

Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset

It’s like asking a addict of 30 years to stop cold turkey.

The withdraws will eat us alive.

Entrepreneurs are looking to fit 30 years of work into a 15-year span so they can retire early and find true wealth.

Not riches, but wealth.

There is a difference.

I hit on this next point earlier, but let’s just flat out say it.

Entrepreneurs thrive on Risk whereas Employees try to avoid it.

Employees like the security of their day job and have no interest in the uncertainty that comes with starting your own business.

I will admit that this mindset of the Employee is not completely misguided :).

There are certainly some low and frustrating times when having the mindset of an Entrepreneur.

Without risk though, there is no reward and some of these rewards can be worth the garbage you crawled through to find it.

Another difference I will point out is that Entrepreneurs delegate where Employees try to multitask.

There is no such thing as multitasking as studies have shown it’s impossible for our brains to focus effectively on more than one thing at a time.

Basically trying to multitask is doing something half-ass.

Entrepreneurs require focus, and that is even more important if you are launching a start-up.

Employees meanwhile are told to multitask, and beat themselves up when their brains tell them “No”.

Entrepreneurs vs Employees Similarities

Now let’s touch base on an example that makes Employees and Entrepreneurs briefly similar, or at least partially.

Employees and Entrepreneurs both have ideas at some point in their life, the difference is that Entrepreneurs actually execute on those ideas.

Most entrepreneurs fail but the ones that brush themselves off and dare to take another risk eventually find success…

Or at least learn a ton about the process along the way.

Employees rather talk for years about how they actually thought of Twitter before Twitter and could have easily been a multi-millionaire.

Admit it, we all know someone that has those kind of stories.

I could go on with some more differences between entrepreneurs vs employees, but these are my favorites.

If you dislike what I had to say then my guess is you are of the Employee mindset.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 

Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset or Employee Mindset

Truth # 1: 

Entrepreneurs are opportunity and solution-oriented
Employees are resource-oriented

Truth # 2: 

Entrepreneurs love to learn and make the learning cycle continuous
Employees learn just enough to get by

Truth # 3: 

Entrepreneurs are creative with their resources and time
Employees cannot see outside the box

Truth # 4: 

Entrepreneurs take responsibility and ownership
Employees take no responsibility, but want a business

Truth # 5: 

Entrepreneurs utilize people and networks, and understand the importance of resources
Employees prefer a hierarchical management structure

Truth # 6: 

Entrepreneurs do not follow the trend or let society dictate their moves, actions, decisions, etc.
Employees flow with the mainstream

Truth # 7: 

Entrepreneurs love risking it all
Employees love playing it safe

Truth # 8: 

Entrepreneurs make the rules
Employees follow the rules

Truth # 9: 

Entrepreneurs have a desire to reach, affect, and help people in one capacity or another
Employees do what’s best for them

Truth # 10: 

Entrepreneurs seek out change
Employees wait for news that something has changed

Truth # 11:

Entrepreneurs are masters of implementation, seek valuable outcomes, and think about the bigger picture
Employees simply don’t have a plan

There you have it, some pretty interesting and important facts that contribute to the discussions about the entrepreneur mindset vs. employee mindset.

Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset

Now that you have a better idea of where you stand, is there anything you want to do to improve your thinking?



Hopefully these truths have helped to put some things into perspective for you.

And even if you do fall into the employee mindset, more so than the entrepreneur one…

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your standards and the way in which you go about your professional and personal business.

Now with that being said…

Do you have an entrepreneur or an employee mindset?

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Do you have more to add to this Entrepreneur or an Employee Mindset discussion?

I’d love to hear it in the comments below…

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