How to Find The Best Business Coach

The best business coach is the person who has had to overcome adversity in their business.

The best coaches are the ones who had to fight their way out of situation and afterwards they started teaching others to do the same.

I believe that great obstacles make great coaches

Overcoming obstacles will teaches you how to win.

Effective coaches pass that experience on to others.

Remember, coaching doesn’t necessarily require a particular certification.

Think about this, has your coach achieved what you are seeking…


Can they show you how they have helped others to reach their goals?

That is more important than any certification…

Understand this is personal to you and your company’s needs.

Also, having a long list of degrees or certifications doesn’t necessarily mean that the coach will be effective for you.

Will you get along with each other?

Can the coach truly help you meet your needs?

Does this person fit with the culture of your organizations? 

Certifications won’t tell you that…

Experience in the face of difficulty is what matters most and combined with having a good relationship with them.

Their track record of accomplishments should give you the personal confirmation you need.

Certifications are not the same as results.

But they can help to establish credibility. 

Hiring a business coach is really about creating outcomes and accelerating results in ways that you can’t find with just Google alone.

It is quite simple, the secret to finding a great business coach is to ask the most intelligent questions.

Rarely are these questions asked…

When it is simply presented and answered professionally…

The results can be quite profound.

You can be the judge if these questions make a difference.

Can You Help Us?

Ask your coach what they have had to overcome. 

Ask about adversity, especially if you expect to be guided through yours. 

Find a subject that resonates and based it on this simple question…

Can You Help Us? 

Make sure your coach is focused on your outcomes. 

Is your success the most important objective in the room?

Now we got that out of the way…

Here is how to find the right coach.Business Coach

You need to be resourceful and do a lot of your own research too.

When it comes time to interviewing prospective coaches

Here are five questions you need to ask yourself.

These are questions that will take you beyond the obvious.

  1. Is this person really a coach or are they just a consultant in disguise?

Consultants give you answers.

Coaches ask you questions.

Hiring a business coach is not like hiring a business lawyer.

It’s not about getting an expert.

If your coach claims a level of expertise that you can never attain, then that is a big red flag.

  1. Does the coach have a strict code of ethics?

To get the best results…

You will need to be completely honest with your coach.

Look for a coach who insists on total confidentiality.

Just like having an attorney and client privilege.

There is a model for coaches that resembles a psychologist’s code of ethics.

It includes absolute confidentiality and respect for the boundaries set by a client.

It also aims to leave the client with the capacity to improve and with or without help from the coach.

Check to see that your coach has a similar code.

  1. What will this coach actually do for you?

Be specific about what you need.

Say to your prospective coach…

Here is what I want to do.

What do you know about it and how can you help me?

Try to establish a level of detail where you know exactly what will happen if you work together.

Will your coach meet with other managers in your organization?

With your team?

With your boss?

If things aren’t working, is there a contingency plan?

Asking for specifics helps you avoid a business coach who is strong on charisma and weak on substance.

  1. Does the proposed program match your needs?

Your coach’s game plan must be consistent with your real life.

If you have been asked to make an unreasonable time commitment…

or to change your lifestyle in ways that don’t feel doable…

Then look for another coach.

  1. Is the financial picture clear?

What are your coaching fees?

This shouldn’t be your first question and it shouldn’t be your last either.

Make sure you understand exactly what it is you are going to pay for.

Simply, you need a person who will help you to reach your most fundamental goals and make 2016 your best year yet.

They have to know what’s going on.

If you have had some mixed or bad results in the past with coaching.

You may have been put off by looking for a business coach but don’t be.

When it comes to your success, happiness and sales there are great professionals out there ready for you.

You can find a great coach to work with as there is someone suited to your style of working.

When you are running your own business and you require an expert to stand by you to help you oversee what your important tasks are.

Things will change for the better and move you with more momentum

And this is because this is the real key to building a sustainable business.

At the end of the day…

You are looking for results and increased productivity because all business that survives are built on sales.

successful business coach

A successful business coach will help you to identify your core skills and passions.

This will create effective strategies and leverage that focuses on the end user…

Which will make your business last throughout the up’s and down’s of a recession.

As long as your ethics are built on the customer being number one.

Then you are likely to experience a more recession proof business that pays you regardless of the economy.

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