Where Can You Find a Mentor

So where can you find a mentor?

Whether you are just starting out or running a huge company…

It helps to have a mentor so you can ask them questions whether they be large or small.

A mentor is a person with more experience in business or in life.

Who can help you focus your abilities and advise you on navigating through new challenges.

A mentor can be a blessing to you in a wide range of scenarios.

Whether they provide pointers on business strategy…

Help you with your networking efforts…

Act as advisers when your work and life balance goes hay wire.

But the first thing you need to know when seeking out a mentor is…

What are you looking for from this mentorship?

Choosing a mentor should really be a long-term process of identifying the best person or persons to help you get where you want.

By cultivating a strong enough relationship with them…

So when asking them to become your mentor

It becomes an easy and natural request with clear mutual benefits.

What can your mentor do for you?

What can your mentor do for you

Determining on what type of resources you need.

This is a crucial first step in your mentor hunt.

You may want someone who is a good listener…

Someone who is well connected…

Someone with expertise in your field…

Someone who is accessible…

Ideally you could find a mentor with all of these qualities.

But the reality is you may have to make some compromises.

After you figure out the qualities you are looking for in a mentor

Then make a list for your wants and needs on the qualities of your mentor.

Then start looking for mentors that fit your criteria.

Where to look for your mentor.
Where to look for your mentor

  1. Start with family and friends

When looking for a mentor

Start very close to home.

Sometimes you can talk to your own relatives or friends.

People who you know and trust.

Who you can sit and say “what do you think about this”?

  1. Consider those in your extended network

If your friends and family give you enough unsolicited advice.

Or you don’t think this is the route for you…

Your remaining options are people who don’t know you as well or don’t know you at all yet.

How do you ask for such a big commitment from a near stranger?

The first step is to reach out to your network of contacts.

A positive word from a mutual friend can go a long way towards getting a mentoring relationship off to a good start.

Also, you shouldn’t choose a mentor overnight.

This means you should keep a look out for potential mentors at conferences, trade shows, events, etc.

Meeting with a future mentor in person helps build a rapport.

You might want to wait until that connection develops before popping the question.

3) Consider complete strangers

Maybe none of the people in your network seem like a good fit for you.

Start doing some research.

Profiles of business owners in magazines and newspapers might give you someone who matches your style.

But once you have some prospects proceed delicately.

Find out as much as you can about the potential mentor.

Try to schedule a brief interview by phone saying you have some specific questions or just generally want to pick their brain.

You should travel to see them and this will make it as easy for them to help you.

At the conclusion of your first interview…

If it seems to have gone well, then you can approach the idea of speaking again with them.

Either by phone or in person in the future.

Later on if they seem receptive…

You can bring up the idea of a more formal mentoring relationship with more specific parameters and goals.

4) Consider your competition

Well, not your direct competition.

Such as, if you are in retail selling ties and someone is selling underwear…

This isn’t in direct competition with you but might still have some insights into the garment industry.

If you have a brick and mortar store…

Then you can even call someone who does exactly what you do in a far off location.

Lets say you are in New Jersey and they are in Utah.

But with the Internet it is increasingly putting retailers even on different continents in competition, so tread lightly.

Another suggestion would be to seek out counsel from someone at a business larger than yours.

Who might be less likely to view you as competition.

5) Tap your industry

Your suppliers, your local chamber of commerce, and relevant trade publications are good sources for potential mentors.

These are all good places to find knowledgeable people…

But how do you find someone who matches your personal style?

Seek a mentor the same way that you would look for medical professionals.

The same way you would be looking for medical professional recommendations.

6) Pay for a mentor

But what if you have a great idea that you want to get off the ground quickly and you need a quick jolt of expertise?

Good informal mentorships are cultivated gradually and can often last for years.

If what you need is a crash course, then it might be time to bring in the consultants.

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Remember: If you are looking for a mentor outside of your circle of friends and family…

How do you find someone invested in your success?

You have to keep in mind what the mentor is getting out of the relationship.

In the case of consultants, coaches, or especially advisory boards they have a financial stake in your relationship.

But there are other benefits to the mentor.

Also, the exchange of knowledge in a mentorship flows in both directions.

Your goal is to present yourself in the most substantive way possible.

Rather than just having a social of “how you doing?” kind of relationship with them.

Bear in mind that mentors don’t take on mentees out of kindness of their heart.

They are looking to take on valued contributors who can grow with their help and reflect well on them.

As well as help them down the line.

After all, you want to work on establishing an easy rapport with this person.

So that when you finally do ask them to become your mentor…

It’s a natural discussion for them to have.

It’s also important when making your initial request to have a clear idea of what it is you want your potential mentor to help you with.

You must be able to express what you are looking for.

Whether it’s advancing in the organization…

or acquiring specific skills…

or experience…


This gives your potential mentor a way to assess whether they can truly help you and to decide whether the mentorship is worth pursuing.

In my experience, many people who want mentors fail to communicate what it is they want out of their mentorship.

They are usually vague and you need to be precise.

And that can be an obstacle to both getting a mentor in the first place and to having a successful relationship with them down the line.

Mentor Tips – 5 Ways to Find MENTORS – #BelieveLife

My next post will be on tips and tricks on mentoring.

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