Are You Here To Learn How To Market Your Business?

So you are here to learn how market your business and to make money.

So you can double, triple and quadruple your business profits.

Then we have to get into your heart, mind and head chatter and this just gives me a headache just thinking about it.

So maybe you’re here just to listen to what your heart is trying to tell you.

But you are here for a reason.

There must be reason why you are here.

So take advantage of it.

And listen to what your heart, mind or head are telling you.

Whichever one is telling you to listen to me.

It is telling you to take your business serious once and for all.

And to learn how to market your business.

market your business

Everything you need to succeed in your business is right here at your fingertips and at your disposal.

The Internet is here to stay.

It is not going anywhere.

There are a lot of people making money online.

While you are over there not being consistent.

Not taking your business seriously and given all the excuses you can find, for the reasons why you can’t move forward.

Now they may be legitimate excuses but it doesn’t matter because it’s stopping you.

Especially when you know it’s your responsibility to make it work.

Do whatever it takes to make it work.

So learn how to market your business.

market your business

How about that.

How about just keeping it simple.

You need traffic.

You need leads.


You need to make sales.

Without traffic you can’t get leads.

Without leads you can’t get sales.

Without sales your business is dead.

It’s just as simple as that.

This is what traffic generation is about.

When you generate traffic you get leads and your leads turn into sales.

Doesn’t this make sense?

The biggest challenge is not setting up your site, it is traffic generation.

How do you attract your target audience to your site?

traffic generation

Generating Traffic to your websites has been broadly classified into targeted or quality traffic and click through or quantity traffic.

Let us dig a little deeper into this subject to provide a better understanding of it.

Targeted traffic stems from potential customers who use search engines to find specific sites.

Let us assume you are selling yoga mats and a customer does a search and turns up your website.

This customer would constitute targeted traffic, since the customer knows exactly what they are looking for.

As for click through traffic you have people who land on your site by clicking on links on another site.

This traffic generation method consists of people who did not set out to find your site.

They landed on it because of the interest caused by a link, which compelled the person to click through to land on your site.

While targeted traffic seeks out your site through search engines, articles, blogs or even mailing list subscriptions, click through traffic is considered cold market.

They did not set out to find you and know nothing about the product or service you offer; they only learn about you after landing on your site.

Without traffic generation online marketing will not be successful.

traffic generation

You will have to attract people to your site to buy from you.

Some tips for traffic generation which will boost your revenue include:

  • Making use of article marketing – the more you index and re-index your site through the use of backlinks, the better your search engine rankings will be. Write some quality articles relevant to your site and submit to the hundreds of free and paid directories online.
  •  Another useful tip is to make use of social bookmarking – when you submit articles to directories you can put the articles on your site as well. Search engines are constantly looking for fresh, new content and pages with lots of sites, which are regularly updated. Simply submit your links to social bookmarking sites to get high quality links.

If you are doing your job well, that is driving traffic to your website you will have people (traffic) stopping by at all hours of the day and night.  

Do you have a plan in place to capture those people’s information before they move on from your website to the wide variety of distractions online?

This is essential to your marketing success is to have the ability to capture the basic info of your website traffic.  

The reason you do this is so you can develop a relationship of know, like, and trust with your future customers.  

When your traffic has an easy and inviting way to get on your list of subscribers, you will then work to establish a connection with your visitors through email.  

Figure out a schedule that works well for you and then be consistent with it so that you will be sending emails to your list on a predictable basis.

People like to know what to expect so when they expect an email from you, be prepared to send one.

email your list

When you email your list interesting and helpful information they can use, you are developing a connection with them.  

Not everyone will open your emails and some will unsubscribe.  

Don’t worry yourself too much about that because all it really means is that your list who remains are the people who really want to be there.  

Those are the only people you want on your list anyhow because they are the people you don’t have to chase.  

They are the people who will be responsive to what you have to say.

Be careful with your list.  

That is don’t bombard them with sales pitches, but rather provide them with valuable information regularly then occasionally send them an offer.

After you build a relationship with your list and they start to know, like and trust you.

Especially when you send them an irresistible offer on a product they are looking for.

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