How To Establish Your Mastermind Meetings

When establishing your mastermind meetings you will need an agenda.

Your Agenda for Your Mastermind Meetings

Your agenda should remain pretty much the same every time you meet.

Structure and order create habit and it is also useful to getting things done on time.


There will be a facilitator that welcomes everyone, makes sure everyone is there, reads the group’s mission statement/purpose, states an inspirational quote to start the meeting, announces if someone is going to be late/not present, etc.

Then everyone in the group gets some time to talk about their week.

You can decide what sort of topics are acceptable, whether it be personal or professional in your guidelines if you want.

This is when you get into the main part of your meeting.

A common format is for groups to select one person to focus on for the session that week.

hot seat

This is called the ‘hot seat’ and it alternates every week (see example 1).

Sometimes this part of the meeting is used to identify some burning needs or desires of members that will be addressed during that meeting if you’ve set it up that way (see example 2) or if you have an ‘open floor’ type meeting (see example 3), where anyone who speaks up can have the attention of the group.

The end is usually dedicated to goal declaration and making commitments.

Here are a few other ideas for your mastermind agenda:

  • Have a weekly activity, where you commit to doing something for the week and report back on that as your update. Just like a homework assignment.
  • Agree to read an article or chapter of a book to discuss during the next session.
  • Designate time for special requests where a member can ask the group for an extra call or they can ask for the time of one individual.
  • Have a meeting about a particular topic where someone gives a presentation during the next session.

You must have an agenda that is even if it only has three points on it.


Make sure all of your members are aware of it and they must follow it.

It’s okay to leave some agenda items flexible.

But it should be understood that other items aren’t flexible.

For example: if you schedule a hot seat for a member but you don’t get to it because the updates in the beginning ran over.

That’s not doing justice to the member who planned for their session.

Now if someone is dealing with something really urgent and they absolutely need the help of the team that puts their needs before the procedure.

Just so long as no one else is hurt in the process.

In the future if you find your group functions better without an agenda then you can toss it out.

But you should always begin with agenda at the start.

Here are five examples of agendas for you use as your templates.

You can obviously pick and choose what you want to use from each one.

Example 1

12:00 – Welcome and state mission

12:10 – Short update on previous week for all members

12:20 – Hot seat session with one member that is scheduled in advance

1:00 – Hot seat member states action plan for problem or project

1:05 – Everyone states their goals for coming week

1:15 – End meeting with inspirational story

Example 2

9:00 – Welcome and state inspirational quote

9:10 – Personal and Professional updates for all members

9:20 – 2 or 3 urgent problems from professional updates chosen to address

10:00 – Hot seat member state action plan for their problem or project

10:10 – Everyone else states their goals for coming week

10:15 – End meeting and state mission

Example 3

9:00- Welcome

9:05 – Short update on previous week for all members

9:15 – Open Floor

10:00 – Submission of special requests

10:05 – Everyone states their goals for coming week

10:15 – End meeting

Example 4

9:00 – Welcome

9:05 – Professional updates for all members

9:15 – Hot seat session with one member that is planned in advance

10:00 – Planning of weekly group activity

10:10 – Everyone states their goals for coming week

10:15 – End meeting

Example 5

9:00 – Welcome and state mission

9:05 – Short update on previous week for all members

9:15 – Topic Presentation/discussion that is planned ahead of time

10:00 – Planning of weekly group activity

10:10 – Everyone states their goals for coming week

10:15 – End meeting

Meeting Preparation for your Mastermind GroupPreparation for your Mastermind Group

Do you want your members to prepare for each meeting?

If you do, what sort of preparations do you feel would benefit the flow of your meetings?

Think about pitching this to your group if you think it will help.

Meeting Frequency for Your Mastermind Group

Most likely your mastermind group will meet at least once a week.

It doesn’t matter if you meet in person or online as long as you are following up on a regular basis.

If you decide to meet less frequently like once a month then you may want to have longer sessions about 3 to 6 hrs.

Whatever frequency you choose just make sure that the energy stays high and the frequency of it is consistent.

Maintaining focus with your Mastermind Group:focus

The purpose of your mastermind group needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind at all times.

If you don’t maintain focus then your group can turn into a social gathering, committee, or any number of unproductive collections of people that defeat the purpose of the formation of your group in the first place.

Decide how long you will have a coffee brake and also decide how you will address personal problems.

The success of your mastermind group depends on the ability of each of your members to complete their promised tasks, be present, and support the goals of their team.

Without this kind of cooperation, dedication and camaraderie that will create synergy then your mastermind will likely fizzle out long before it has a chance to gain any traction.

What is not part of a mastermind meeting:

  • Coaching – unless it’s a topic-based presentation from one member planned ahead of time.
  • Preaching
  • Secret Agendas
  • Trying to generate leads or promote products or services
  • Distractions or multi-tasking of any type – Phones, TV’s, Email, Social Networks, etc.
  • Psychotherapy

My next post on mastermind groups will be on Mastermind meetings and your members’ roles

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