Mastermind Meetings And Your Members Roles

Having a mastermind meetings and your members roles

Sometimes it’s helpful to assign member roles to keep things organized during your mastermind meetings.

There can be one person assigned to a role permanently or you can alternate roles.

Mastermind Meetings

The only role that is mandatory is the facilitator.

But I strongly suggest you have a note-taker as well.

A Facilitator is mandatory. They will be the speaker for the group and they would be responsible for running the mastermind meeting.

A Timekeeper will politely keep an eye on the time during short updates and makes sure the group stays on schedule during the mastermind.

A Coordinator will takes care of finding places to meet or ways to meet online.

Also they will take care and coordinate for yearly in-person retreats.

They will collects money when people are late, don’t show up, or if it’s a paid mastermind group.

A Note-Taker will write down major points of meeting and everyone’s basic goals for the week then posts them where the group communication takes place outside of meetings.

If you want to get fancy you can record your calls with Google Hangout or Skype Call Recorder for Mac or PC.

A Moderator will makes sure people don’t get out of hand during emotionally charged discussions.

Also they will clears up disputes when discussions get complicated and facts get confused.

This can be a regular position or a moderator can be brought in whenever there’s a conflict in the group.

Your mastermind group should be organizeGet Organized

Try to schedule mastermind meetings ahead of time.

Aim for three months of meetings scheduled at a time.

Someone will have to be the leader or facilitator during each meeting.

Since you are the creator of this mastermind group then you should assume this position at first as a leader or facilitator.

But consider rotating this responsibility to different members for each session.

Communicate with your mastermind groupCommunicate

Do this often.

Communicate with each other as often as possible.

Even if it’s just with one other member.

Talk to your members who are missing too many meetings or are dominating meetings before it gets so bad that you need to dismiss them.

Share your goals via email or some other shared space after the meeting.

Like a Facebook Group Page or a Group Blog.

It is strongly recommend to decide who will take notes during each meeting to record commitments and goals for the following week.

Communicating outside of mastermind meetings

You shouldn’t be afraid to communicate between meetings.

Email all of your members if you have a big win or ask for an emergency call if you’re in a bind.

Be authentic with your mastermind groupauthentic

Take the time to get to know your members and build trust before throwing in the towel.

This could take only a few meetings or it could take about four months.

Stick to it for at least 6 to 9 meetings before deciding it’s not a going to work.

You can always start or join more than one mastermind group.

Be honest with your mastermind grouphonest

Talk to the group when you feel like you’re not getting what you want out of your meetings.

Let them know that you need to feel supported.

Ask them if there’s something that you’re not doing to get the most out of this group.

It’s possible that you just need to speak up.

Being vulnerable and authentic in this way could mean the difference between dropping out of your group and sticking with them for a decade.

Be compassionate with your mastermind groupBe compassionate

Take the time to talk about group dynamics every so often.

Don’t do this too soon but after 3 or four months dedicate one entire meeting to the constructive communication of what each person can do better to facilitate seamless collaboration within the group.


Listen to your members

Don’t interrupt them while they’re talking.

Even if it’s to help them.

Write your questions and suggestions down and bring them up after they’re finished speaking.

You are all peers in this mastermind group.

Don’t lecture others and be open to different perspectives.

Encourage each other at the meetings.

Celebrate the milestones of your members achieved.

Don’t forget that their accomplishments are also your accomplishments.

So celebrate for the both of you.

Open up with your mastermind group.

Be vulnerable and encourage your members to be the same way.

Real breakthroughs happen when members don’t hold back.

This is not a networking event or an interview.

Honesty, vulnerability, and trust are essential for your personal and professional growth within the group.

You can’t expect the group to do all of the work for you.

Even with the powerful benefits of a mastermind group.

You need to take full responsibility for what you give yourself from each meeting.

“Honesty, vulnerability, and trust are essential for your personal and professional growth within the group.”

It’s up to you to give to others as well as yourself.

If you make sure that you’re open, honest, and give without expecting something in return.

You will reap the benefits tenfold.

Have fun with your mastermind groupHave Fun

Sometimes you just need to have a good time.

Focus is important but burnout is a fact of life and you don’t want it happening to your group.

When you feel momentum dropping, people stressing out, and general disease throughout the group, you know it’s time to schedule in some fun time.

My next post on mastermind groups will be on The Do’s and the Don’t when having a Mastermind Meeting.

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