Mindset Tricks of Entrepreneurs and How They Use Them

Mindset Tricks of Entrepreneurs and How They Use Them

Here are some mindset tricks of entrepreneurs and how they use them!

There are special people around the world who use a little magic to do what others might consider impossible.

These amazing people, known as “entrepreneurs”, know and do certain things that not only expand the quality of their lives, but also of life itself.

Is it grace?


What is it that makes all the difference?

As an entrepreneur who meets and trains with successful entrepreneurs around the world, I began to clearly see a pattern.

It isn’t something extraterrestrial but rather extraordinary that can be leveraged. 

Belief: They know that they can win the game and therefore, they don’t need or ask for unattainable proof.

Just imagine that you are in a huge colosseum with thousands of cheering people as you stand in front of a pea.

Every type of contraption from an old pitch fork to the latest smart gadget on Kickstarter lies around you at your disposal.

Your mission is simple:

Pick up the pea.  

And you have 12 hours to do it. 

Would you find that challenging?

Would you be nervous?

Even if you have never been in that exact scenario before, you already know how quickly you would win that game! 

Entrepreneurs look at turning ideas into reality with no-problem because they have abundant resources at their fingertips.

They understand that Mindset + Tools = Success, and therefore each action appears as simple as lifting a pea.

Activators: “If is to be, it is up to me”, so they are proud and excited to take responsibility in their pro-activity.

Choosing pro-activity in their being, doing, having, and creating generates real power.

They are driven to make things happen through activity and aren’t just waiting for something to happen to them.

Some actions will lead to direct results while others will take some take to actualize, but either way they are positively moving forward on their trajectory.

Mindset Tricks of Entrepreneurs

Storytellers: They are storytellers who use their lives as the manuscript through which to live and love the journey.

And best of all is that they generously share it with the world.

Entrepreneurs don’t wait for the exit in order to be happy.

That would be like waiting for the fairy tale to end with “And they lived happily ever after” before starting to enjoy the story!

Because they understand that the journey is the reward, they experience it as an incredibly colorful experience to share around the campfire.

Collaborators: Knowing that they can win, and win faster with and through others, entrepreneurs always seek collaboration.

Sharing platforms, creating joint ventures and partnerships, and seeking to expand the pie for everyone makes each action reverberate with power.

Entrepreneurs understand that they can win the game without beating someone else in order to do it.

The competition in life is between who they are and who they could be…

So they compete with themselves against time rather than waste time competing with others.

This allow them and others to expand life, like never before, and just focus on bringing value to everyone.

Seeders: They believe that everything we send out, is a seed being planted.

The seeds of relationships, education, love, etc. are being scattered around the world by the millions.

Some will sprout immediately while others might take years to become activated.

Entrepreneurs understand that to be considered a happy successful farmer, they only need a small percentage of those seeds to become healthy plants.

Therefore, without worry, they lay possibility everywhere and see which soil, sun, and water come together the nicest.

Value Providers: Entrepreneurs care about providing value to you and the world through products, services, and attitude.

They are not looking to sell you something, or convince you of something, or win an argument.

Their approach is simple:

If you are not looking for what they can provide, then you are not their market, and that’s fine.

If you are looking for what they can provide, then BINGO, and “in a world full of people, some want to fly.”

Just like air rushes to fill a vacuum, entrepreneurs want to find the space to share value and contribute from their passion.

Mindset Tricks of Entrepreneurs

Gamers: Life has never been a richer, more abundant game to play, and entrepreneurs play it well.

They understand that if the journey is the reward, then let’s have some fun, make some memories, and laugh along the way…just like we do when we play games.

As children we learned, explored, and discovered what works and what doesn’t, through the process of playing games and playing team.

Why would we stop that now?

The mindset of entrepreneurs is that of serious playfulness…

Which to others seems like a paradox, but to them it translates into playing the game seriously while having lots of fun along the way.

The best part is that they can play as many games as they want and choose people from all over the world to play with them on their team!

So next time you see something miraculous happening in the world of startups, entrepreneurial thinking, or just regular life, look for the mechanics behind it.

Do you see the mindset tricks of entrepreneurs in use, or maybe it’s a new mindset trick that has just been shared or created.

Don’t just know these mindset tricks

Be them, use them, & enjoy the magic that they create! 

Now with that being said…

Do know of any other mindset tricks?

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DO YOU HAVE any mindset tricks of entrepreneurs to add to the DISCUSSION?

I’d love to hear them in the comments below…

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