Should You Use Paid Marketing or Free Marketing Strategies?

Should You Use Paid Marketing or Free Marketing Strategies?

When talking about marketing strategies, there are basically two types of advertising to choose from. 

There is paid advertising or free advertising

Depending on who you are talking to.

You will get different opinions about it.

But the fact remains that you can get desirable results from both paid marketing and free marketing.


What’s The Difference Between Paid Marketing and Free Marketing Strategies?

Paid marketing strategies are PPC (pay per click), Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, Banner Ads, etc…

Free marketing strategies are Blogging, SEO (search engine optimization) Posting on Social Media, Video Marketing, etc…

So let us go over some of the pros and cons and see which may work best for you.

Marketing pros and cons

Free Marketing Strategies


  • it is free 
    • you can meet a lot of cool people in the process of marketing i.e. Facebook friends, YouTube friends, Twitter, forming a tribe etc… 
    • if you are putting out content, it will continue to work for you for as long as it is on the web 
    • your results will start to compound 
    • you can form a lot of key relationships 
    • you can brand yourself with videos, a blog, fanpage etc… (this is BIG) 
    • if your content is good it can go viral


  • it takes more of your free time 
    • it has a large learning curve 
    • it can take longer to build up momentum

Paid Marketing Strategies


  • immediate results 
    • you learn what works very quickly 
    • it is very automated 
    • you get key insights into the numbers of a profitable campaign 
    • the ability to expand quickly  (if you find a profitable campaign you can put more money into it, or move into other mediums) 
    • it is consistent


  • it requires a budget 
    • your profit margins are lower 
    • you can loose money if you don’t know what you’re doing 
    • it can seem intimidating at first

So Which Marketing Strategy Is Better?

Marketing Strategy

The answer is that they both work. 

Both paid and free marketing strategies will work if you take your time to learn them and take action to.

I’m not perfect and I may have missed a few of the pros and cons.

But I just want to make sure that both methods had their strengths and weaknesses. 

It is just a matter of finding which method will work best for you.

If you are very busy and have a low budget of a couple hundred bucks, then you might consider using paid marketing. 

If you have a lot of free time with little or no money to invest right now then you should try a free strategy.

That would be your best option.

So which one should you focus on?

Paid marketing strategies or free marketing strategies

For me personally. 

If you watch Shark Tank  

Shark Tank 

There is one thing that keeps coming up every single time. 

That is if a business is not scalable they are not going to invest in it.

Free has another synonym. 

It’s called unscalable.

What do I mean by unscalable.

I mean unable to be scaled up or increase with no limits.

If all you do is focus on free traffic and you call yourself a professional in this business or in marketing, you are deceiving yourself. 


Because that is not scalable. 

There is a time limit. 

There is a date limit. 

There is an income cap your income. 

On everything you do, there is a limit on it.

Somehow someway. 

And that’s not what you want to do. 


So if you want to start scaling up your business.


You want to be able to build a scalable business. 

In other words you know that every time I put in a dollar in, it brings in two dollars. 

Well let me increase that to five dollars so I can bring in ten dollars.


If you cannot do that in your business. 

You are deceiving yourself. 

So the only way to do that is paid traffic and paid marketing.

So if you are shying away from paying money to market for your business to generate leads for your business.

You might as well call it a day

Because there is a time limit and there is a income cap.

And that is not a good thing.

You are better off having a job.

Because then you will have to pay money to put gas in your car in order to get to your job.

Personally I rather scale up and make money.

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Now comment below and let me know if you are using paid marketing or free marketing strategies in your home business.

Let me know below why you decided to use it and how it is working for you.

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