Things You Should Know About Procrastination

Here Are Things You Should Know About Procrastination

There are many ways to avoid success in life…

But most all it’s procrastination.

  • Procrastinators always sabotage themselves.

They put obstacles in their own path or they actually choose paths that hurt their performance.

Procrastination is not just a problem of time management or of planning.

Telling someone who procrastinates to buy a weekly planner is like telling someone with chronic depression to just cheer up.

Procrastinators are made and not born.

Procrastination can be a form of rebellion also…

Procrastinators will turn more to friends than to their family for support.

And their friends may reinforce the procrastination because they tend to be tolerant of their excuses.

  • Procrastinators will also tell lies to themselvestell lies to themselves

Such as, “I’ll feel more like doing this tomorrow.” Or “I work best under pressure.”

But in fact they do not get the urge the next day or work best under pressure.

They protect their sense of self by saying “this isn’t important.”

Procrastinators actively look for distractions…

Particularly ones that don’t take a lot of commitment on their part.

Like checking their e-mail.

They distract themselves as a way of regulating their emotions such as fear of failure.

But procrastinators can change their behavior…

  • Do you want to know how to stop procrastinating?stop procrastinating

Well, for starters, you can stop reading this blog right now and get back to work.

But since that’s probably not going to happen…

Let’s take a closer look at some strategies for overcoming procrastination.

There is no single “best way” to overcome procrastination

Sometimes, procrastination can be a sign that what we are working on the wrong thing.

It also can be a sign that maybe we need to step back and take a deep breather.

Recharge before tackling the task again later.

Then sometimes procrastination is a product of laziness.

If you have a project to do.

A paper to write or a presentation to make.

A Boss or a client to satisfy.

Then your work will have to get done…

Whether you start today or put it off until the next day.

  • Only Do Work You Are Really Passionate About
    Do Work You Are Really Passionate About

Maybe you don’t have a procrastination problem as much as you may have a work problem.

If you find yourself procrastinating day in and day out, week after week, month after month, year after year…

Maybe you are not doing what you are meant to do.

Maybe it’s time to get a new job, switch careers, or drop out of school and pursue your passion.

Of course, there’s also a good chance you are faced with a painful and unpleasant task.

You simply need to power through…

To get to where you want to be in life.

If that’s the case…

Then read on or better yet, stop reading now and go do what you need to do.

If there’s work you need to get done…

Then here are some effective ways you can try overcoming your procrastination:

  • The First 30 Minutes Of The Day Should Be For WorkFirst 30 Minutes Of The Day

Does this sound familiar…

You start the work day by telling yourself you are “just going to check email, Facebook, twitter or YouTube for 5 minutes.

Then I’m going to get to work”.

Before you know it…

5 minutes has dragged into 2 hours…

2 hours has dragged into 4 hours…

Then you realize you have spent half your day sucked into a never-ending loop of checking email, social media, YouTube, or your favorite viral news sites?

The first 30 minutes of your day should be spent doing work.

If you need to check email or your social news sites…

Then do it once you have established a good work groove and you will find it much easier to shut it off.

Or better yet…

Try blocking out distractions completely until you are done.

Having trouble jumping into those first 30 minutes?

Tell yourself that you are just going to get 10 minutes of work done.

And if it’s just too painful then you will give yourself a break.

That first 10 minutes is usually all you need to start getting focused.

  • You Need To Become More Self AwareBecome More Self Aware

Procrastination usually comes in two forms.

1) There’s a difficulty in starting a task

2) Getting distracted while working on a task

They both follow a similar pattern of self-rationalization.

You tell yourself “I really need to get started on this.”

You feel stressed.

You feel an urge to do something else…

So you tell yourself “I will get started soon but I can afford another 5 minutes doing this one other thing.”

Giving yourself this little reprieve…

This relieves the stress temporarily and reinforces the neural pathways associated with procrastination.

Making it just a bit easier to fall victim to procrastination again and 5 minutes later.

Try this next time you find yourself facing this never-ending cycle.

Next time you are about to start a task…

And you hear that voice in your head telling you to “check your email, it might be important!”

Or “I wonder if anyone commented on my Facebook status”

Resist the urge and tell yourself you will just resist it this one time.

You will find that the urge does pass once you acknowledge it for what it is.

That sudden impulse driven by your reptilian brain.

  • You Need To Block Out Distractions Block Out Distractions

Did you know that willpower is a limited resource that can be depleted like any other form of energy?

Much like going on a morning jog tires you out for your evening work out.

The more energy you spend resisting temptation…

The less energy you will have for resisting temptation later on.

This has been confirmed in real studies.

What does this mean for someone trying to get rid of procrastination?

It means that just knowing that Facebook or Twitter is one click away…

Can make it more likely that you will get distracted and start procrastinating.

While you might be able to resist the temptation during the first half of your work day.

As you expend energy focusing then you will become more distracted and more likely to give into temptation and start procrastinating.

To avoid this…

Use software like Rescuetime, StayFocusd or Freedom to block distracting websites or block the internet out altogether.

Not having to deal with the temptation of constant distractions…

Will not only make it less likely that you will succumb to momentary temptation.

But it will actually give you more energy to focus on your work and avoid procrastinating when you are tired.

  • You Need To Embrace ImperfectionEmbrace Imperfection

One of the reasons we procrastinate is to avoid having to make tough decisions and deal with a difficult task.

If you are trying to write the perfect script…

Then coming up with that perfect speech can be so intimidating that you don’t even want to get started.

Instead of always aiming for perfection then start intimidating projects by just getting started.

Can’t come up with a perfect first line for your script?

Just start writing anything that comes to mind on your topic.

Can’t think of a topic?

Just start writing down anything vaguely related to the subject matter.

The same can be applied to studying.

Is the thought of reading that thick book too intimidating?

Just start by reading the table of contents or the first page.

Too tired to take notes or really process the concepts?

Just skim through what you need to get through…

Come back tomorrow to re-examine the material when you are refreshed.

Getting something done is better than doing nothing at all.

Once you get started then you will often find you have more energy than you thought you did.

  • Go And Make A Date With Yourself
    Date Yourself

People can be strange and if we’re meeting a friend then we will set a fixed time to do so and we show up.

Most of us would never make an appointment with a friend and simply avoid showing up for no reason.

Yet when it comes to important tasks like going to the gym or getting another chapter written for your novel…

We will just set vague goals and feel perfectly comfortable pushing back our self-imposed deadlines.

Start scheduling your important tasks and showing up every time.

No matter what.

You wouldn’t bail on a meeting with a friend just because you feel a little tired.

Would you?

So why do you do it with the gym?

If you want to go to the gym 3 times a week…

Then instead of just telling yourself you will go 3 times this week.

Pick 3 days and 3 times that you are going to show up and don’t miss those appointments no matter what.

Here’s One Last Tip

Stop reading this blog about how to overcome procrastination and just get to work!

My next post will be on: Ways to Manage Your Procrastination

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