The First Step of An Entrepreneur’s Journey Are Business Ideas

The First Step of An Entrepreneur's Journey Are Business Ideas

So what are the first step of an entrepreneur’s journey for business ideas.

The first step of any entrepreneur’s journey is to figure out what that journey will be about…

Such as, what business ideas will I be working on.

For some of us ideas flow like water whereas to others just coming up with a good idea is slightly more difficult.

No need for panic mode because there are plenty of ways in which you can learn how to find customer pain points and improve your idea generating.

There are plenty of ways to discover new ideas and I will be covering some of them throughout this post.

I will also link to various other blogposts and articles that was very helpful to me when I was trying to improve my idea generation.

But what I have learned over the years is that just having a great idea isn’t enough…

You need to love it and be truly passionate about the idea for it to work.

Meaning that finding an amazing business idea or opportunity but not being passionate about the product or industry is likely to generate worse result.

You are better off finding a decent idea that you are 100% committed to.

Now that we have got that covered…

Let’s dive into how you can find that golden nugget.

business ideas

1. The first and easiest way to find your new business idea is to look at the pain points you experience in your own life.


What problems do you run into on a daily basis and how could those problems be solved?


What frustrates you or what tasks could be done more efficiently?


Most people suffer from some kind of issue or time-consuming activity on a daily basis so why not try to find a solution to your own particular issue?


We have all heard the story about Airbnb…


How the founders couldn’t pay their rent and decided to turn their loft into a lodging space to make some extra cash, and look where they are today.


That’s an excellent example of solving your own problem and turning that into your new business idea.


2. The same goes for friends and family, always be on the outlook for complaints they make repeatedly.


Check their Facebook and Twitter feed as many people are quick to point out problems.


What issues do they have and how can you potentially solve it?


successful business ideas


3. Take an existing idea or product and make it better.


In many cases some of the products or services you use are only used because there is no better alternative, not necessarily because they are great.


Maybe you can add a complementary feature or offer better customer service?


If there is room for improvement there is room for a business idea.


To find existing products you can for example check out Amazon, look for products that already have guaranteed customers…


Such as, popular products that you can either add value to, or where you could build something complementary like Dodo did…


They are making beautiful cases for iPads which we know has a strong customer base.


4. Copy a successful product or service.


You could simply copy a product, concept or service and implement it in a new country where it doesn’t exist.


Just because it exists somewhere else doesn’t mean you couldn’t offer it where you are based.


So keep an eye out on products and new startups around the world.


There might be something that sits really well with you which you could offer before the competitor has grown big enough to expand.


unique business ideas


5. Check out Reddit and Craigslist.


More than often people are actively searching for someone or something to give their money to in exchange for a product or a service.


On Reddit people are literally asking for new businesses and can prove a real gem in finding your new business venture.


Check out some of the threads below to get an idea of what you can find there:


/r/SomebodyMakeThis – Cool business ideas shared by Redditors who don’t have the time or skills to pursue the ideas themselves.


/r/ShutUpAndBuildThis – Redditors ask for cool products that they want built today.


/r/DoesAnybodyElse  – Redditors empthasize over common, but non-obvious annoyances, frustrations, and private quirks.


Find a solution to their problems.


6. Keep a close eye on online consumer trend publications to expand your knowledge of new product categories and industries that you previously didn’t know about.


Websites such as Trendhunter, Trendwatching, and Springwise are all great ways to keep up to date with consumer trends.


It is also an opportunity to begin getting a sense of the direction consumer products are going and the ideas other entrepreneurs are introducing to the market which might spark your creativeness.


Sites like Startup and Entrepreneur are also good places to hang out and be inspired.


business idea


7.Find opportunities in Keywords.


This is partly related to the above point and uses technology to spot a trend or a demand.


Because organic search traffic is such a massive marketing channel looking for keyword opportunities is essentially looking for a product or a service that has a strong demand.


By using the metrics provided by Google’s Keyword planner you can easily determine the demand for a certain product or niche.


So what I normally do is to put in the keywords for any idea I have and measure the volume of queries and competition for those particular keywords.


This gives you a basic understanding of the demand and competition for your idea and allows you to make some basic assumptions and calculations to determine the success of the idea.


These are all ways for you to use to find your new business idea.

Make the fundamental shift in thinking where you start looking for problems, solutions, and opportunity.

By doing this, the problem will never be not having a good idea, it will be deciding which one to invest your time and energy into. 

How to Be an Entrepreneur: Step 1 Business Ideas

So how do you feel about The first step of an entrepreneur’s journey?  

Do you have any business idea you would like to share?

I’d love to hear it in the comments below… 

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