So You Need Time Management Techniques

Here are some time management techniques

The key to successful time management is planning and then protecting your planned time.

People who say that they have no time.

Do not plan or fail to protect their planned time.

If you plan on what to do and when to do it, then stick to it and you will have time.

This involves conditioning or re-conditioning of your environment.

For people who have demands placed on them by others and especially from other departments, managers, customers, etc.

Then time management requires diplomatically managing the expectations of others.

time management

Time management is really about conditioning your environment.

Rather than allowing your environment to condition you.

When you tolerate and accept without questions…

Then the interruptions and demands of others will effectively encourage these time management pressures to continue.

This one rule first could change your ability to manage your time more than anything else and this is why it’s first.

If you are a slave to your email system…

Especially if your PC is set up to notify you immediately upon the receipt of any incoming email.

I urge you to make this simple change… 

It will dramatically improve your control over your time.

Turn off the pop-up or noise which notifies you that you have mail.
turn off

For many people this is the single biggest obstacle to successful time management.

Establish a new habit of checking your email at certain times in the day when it is sensible for you and the business to do so.

Maybe, when you first arrive at your desk or start work, second just before lunch, third around an hour before normal business closes.

You must decide when to look at your emails and this control should not rest with everyone out there who sends you emails.

Neither should this control rest with any spamming and virus-spreading community.

If your team or organization has a policy which insists that you be constantly interrupted by your incoming emails…

Then try suggesting that the policy be reviewed.

Involuntary email notification is the single biggest time management distraction in the world today.

Be prepared to make drastic changes in your time management
time management

Be creative to find and introduce different ways of doing things.

Challenge and question your own habits, routines, and the way you defend your time when others try to dictate how you should use it.

Really think about how you currently spend your time.

If you don’t know then keep a time log for a day or two.

You can view and download a free time log record app on your smart phone. (Time Machine by Wasp Games in Google Play)

Record everything you do for a day or two.

Better yet, if you have varied days then keep the time-log for a week.

You’ll be amazed how long on average are you able to work between each interruption?

Many people struggle to achieve more than five or six minutes.

If that’s you then you need to make changes.

Challenge anything that could be wasting time and effort…

Particularly habitual tasks, meetings and reports where responsibility is inherited or handed down from above.

Don’t just assume that just because “it’s always been done this way” that it’s still appropriate or even required to do.

Think about why you are doing things and whether there is a better way.

You can view and download a free time management assessment app on your smart phone. (aTimelogger – Time Tracker by BGCI on Google Play)

This will help you to objectively judge your time management and underlying issues.

Review your activities in terms of your short-term and long-term goals and prioritize your activities accordingly.

Plan preparation and creative thinking time in your app or journal for the long-term jobs because they need it.

If you don’t plan for the preparation…

Then you will never do it and all the work will get left to the last minute.

Does this sound familiar?

The short-term urgent tasks will always use up all your time unless you plan for it.

Use an app or a journal and an activity planner to schedule when to do things, publish or display it, and try to stick to it.

If you are subject to demand and request by others in your organization…

You need to recondition their expectations as to your availability and their claim on your time…

Then you should produce a weekly schedule that shows your planned activities and time-slots for everything that you do.

This is a vital tool in helping you to explain and justify to others why you must prioritize and schedule demands from others when it suits you, not them.

When you are faced with a pile of things to do…

Then go through them quickly and make a list of what needs to be done and when you need it done by.

After you are done doing this then handle each piece of paper only once.

Do not under any circumstances pick up a job, do a little bit of it and then put it back on the pile.

Do not start lots of tasks at the same time.

Be absolutely firm in dealing with time allocated for your meetings, paperwork, telephone, and visitors.

When you keep your time log you will see how much time is wasted.

Take control of your time management.
Take control

If you keep a weekly activity schedule then you will be able to control the time allocated for your tasks.

Review your work environment, layout, IT equipment, etc., and set it up for efficiency.

Tidy up your work area and keep all paperwork filed away unless you are working on it.

Keep a clean and well-organized desk but don’t be obsessive or spend all week adjusting your screen saver.

If you have a assistant then give them 25% of your responsibility.

Delegate as much responsibility as possible to others.

If you can’t stop interruptions…

Then go elsewhere when you need time alone.

Fight for your right to work uninterrupted when you need to.

Why re-invent the wheel?

If you can, get a good assistant, secretary or pa.

Sharpen up your decision making.decision making.

If you can’t decide what to do…

Then decide how to and do something like consult with someone, get more information, delegate, etc. but don’t just let it sit there.

Learn to say ‘No’, politely and constructively.

Be careful about accepting sideways delegation by your peers to you.

If you find it difficult to say ‘No’ then you will find it easier by using business reasons to justify your position.

Such as, “I understand this is urgent for you, but I have other priorities which I must deal with first for the good of the business and I’d rather agree on a realistic deadline with you than one which I can’t meet.”

Then show people your schedule, which justifies and proves how you prioritize and manage your time.

Always probe deadlines to establish the true situation…

People asking you to do things will often say ‘now’ when ‘later today’ would be perfectly acceptable.

Appeal to the other person’s own sense of time management.

It’s impossible for anyone to do a good job without the opportunity to plan and prioritize.

Never try to eat an elephant all at once.

Break very big tasks down into digestible chunks.

And above all, choose at least three of the above time management techniques

Preferably choose more and put them into effect.

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