Tips to Increase Your Performance and Brand Presence as an Entrepreneur

Tips to Increase Your Performance and Brand Presence as an Entrepreneur

Here are some tips to increase your performance and brand presence as an entrepreneur.

As entrepreneurs, we are driven to innovate, to make a difference, to challenge ourselves, and ultimately to achieve financial freedom.

There are many benefits of being an entrepreneur…

You can work your own schedule, work where you like, work with people you like, and create your own opportunities and destiny.

But then you also have to juggle many roles; you have to call your own shots, lead the strategy, choose employees, choose suppliers, and so on.

The uncertainty, setbacks, risks, and emotional exposure involved in making all these decisions can result in the feelings of helplessness and anxiety.

Entrepreneur anxiety is real and if not managed well, it leads to poor performance.

It will also limit your ability to stretch and grow your brand presence and influence it in authentic ways.

To be honest, it is normal for entrepreneurs to experience anxiety.

With today’s fast-moving, always-changing, crazy business world, we are all bound to experience some form of anxiety.

Anxiety is a natural part of being human.

Anxiety can also inspire positive action and it is essential to setting, reaching and surpassing our goals.

But the right amount of anxiety can be beneficial because it plays a protective role and helps us perform at high levels.

Our brains are wired such that it’s difficult to take action until we experience at least some level of anxiety.

Anxiety can be beneficial but, too much of it results in chaos, loss of morale and poor performance.

In fact, I believe anxiety that is prolonged not only affects your productivity…

But it also limits your ability to maximize your authentic brand voice and influence people in powerful ways.

Below are some tips for you to deal with your entrepreneur anxiety, improve your performance and your brand presence.

Be Comfortable with Ambiguity

  • Be Comfortable with Ambiguity

You need to be comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty.

As an entrepreneur, there is risk in every move you make.

Nothing is set in stone.

You are dealing with uncertain situations all the time.

You will have to accept being uncomfortable.

There is no other option.

Being an entrepreneur can be an uncomfortable thing.

You have to accept this state of affairs.

The truth is there is no absolute certainty in life.

If you are looking for certainty in life, you are not going to find it.

There is also no absolute security.

The most effective and productive entrepreneurs are those who embrace uncertainty and insecurity.

If you are looking for certainty and security, then you probably should not have been an entrepreneur to begin with.

  • Avoid Asking “What If?”

“What if?” are two words that paralyze many entrepreneurs and limits their potential.

“What if the market doesn’t like our product?

What if the customer drops the deal on us?

What if this doesn’t work out?”

All these “what ifs?” are genuine concerns, but they distract you from focusing on the present moment.

It is much easier to deal with something when it is actually happening than when it is not happening.

Things can go in a million different directions, and the only way to find out is by taking action instead of getting caught up in the “What if?”

Much of the anxiety most entrepreneurs struggle with are just imaginary problems that we create ourselves by asking “What if?”

This anxiety robs us of the energy and attention we need to live in the moment and make an impact right now.

Become Intimate with The Process Not the Outcome

  • Become Intimate with The Process Not the Outcome

There is always a process to everything whether you are trying to build a business, lose weight or run a marathon.

To be highly productive and increase your brand presence, you shouldn’t get fixated on a certain outcome.

Learn to pay more attention to the how of things and let the outcomes take care of themselves.

You cannot guarantee results no matter how smart your goals are.

The only thing you can influence is the process.

Resist the impulse to attach yourself to outcomes.

Enjoy the process and the results will come at the right time.

When you detach yourself from the outcome of your action…

Your anxiety level is significantly reduced and your performance level increases.

  • Don’t Over-Plan Things

You have to understand that action trumps everything especially planning when it comes to achieving anything meaningful.

You should avoid over-planning things.

Planning is great, but it’s also bad for you if you over do it.

We waste valuable time over-planning things.

You can plan all you want, but until you act, you will never know exactly what is going to happen.

Have the best intentions, take action and find out.

You can never plan yourself to success, but you can act yourself to success.

  • Accept That You Are Not Perfect

You are not perfect.

Your business is not perfect.

Your brand is not perfect.

You will never live up to your unrealistic expectations.

You don’t need to be driven by the need to be perfect, but to become better at what you do.

Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them.

Strive for excellence and let life surprise you.

Don’t waste valuable time trying to perfect your ideas, strategies, products or services.

If you have a great idea for a business, get it out to the market and let the market tell you what to do next.

Even if you fail, there is always a possibility of another try.

Don’t Be Too Self-Focused

  • Don’t Be Too Self-Focused

Many entrepreneurs have a tendency to be too self-focused all the time.

We are always judging ourselves, our ideas, and our actions.

While moderate self-reflection is good and healthy, being too self-focused can be bad for you.

When we are always focused on ourselves, we end up getting caught in mistakes of the past which leads to feelings of anxiety.

Instead of being self-obsessed, develop an interest in other people.

Learn to build meaningful relationships with your team and other entrepreneurs.

When you are always worried about you, you become the center and your world gets smaller.

When you develop interest in other people, your world gets bigger.

  • Create Time to Play Purely for Play’s Sake

Success is not necessarily judged by how serious you are about your life and your tasks…

But by your ability to play your way through the full cornucopia of life’s experiences.

A playful attitude towards life will keep you youthful, healthy and vibrant.

Stop taking yourself too seriously.

Have occasion to play very solemnly, with great dedication and commitment, with laughter or with tears.

Play takes off the stress and the tension caused by being on the go all the time.

  • Don’t Worry About What Other People Think

Many entrepreneurs worry too much about self-image and how other people perceive them.

Do people hate me?

Did that sound stupid?

What if they think I am not good enough?

Stop worrying about your self-image and just be you.

What other people think of you is not important.

What is important is what you think of yourself.

Embrace Adversity as an Opportunity for Learning and Growth

  • Embrace Adversity as an Opportunity for Learning and Growth

Every entrepreneur experiences adversity at some point in their journey.

The most important thing is how you respond to it.

There are basically two ways to respond to adversity.

You can give in to anger, despair, feel sorry for yourself and complain that the world is unfair…

Or you can acknowledge and accept what has happened, identify learning and growth opportunities and move on.

When you learn to face adversity with relative calm and ease…

You will be able to bounce back from tough situations much faster than most people.

  • Reach Out to Others and Get Another Perspective

When we analyze situations, our minds tend to be unbalanced and lop-sided.

Our minds have a habit to focus more on the immediate negatives ignoring the larger picture.

This creates unnecessary anxiety and leads to feelings of hopelessness.

When you feel helpless, don’t be afraid to reach out to others and get another perspective.

This helps you balance your approach to situations and minimize anxiety.

Often others have been in your shoes and have valuable answers and empathy.

  • Be Open About Your Feelings

It is not weakness to open up about your feelings.

On the contrary, not being open about your feelings is a sign of emotional weakness.

When you are willing to be vulnerable, you will be able to build trust and deep connections with other people.

Don’t hide your emotions.

Be emotionally honest with yourself and others.

When you deny your emotions, you are only denying yourself and that won’t do you any good.

Expressing your emotions doesn’t mean screaming at people…

It means calmly and confidently saying what you feel and creating opportunities for other people to do the same.

  • Eat Well, Exercise More, And Get Enough Sleep

Eating the right amounts of foods at the right time is good for your mental and emotional health.

A healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly will help improve your mood and energy levels.

You will become much more relaxed, calm, poised, and unreactive to challenges.

Make Time for Loved Ones

  • Make Time for Loved Ones

I know creating time for your loved ones is hard to do for many entrepreneurs…

Especially when you are feeling like your back is against the wall and you have to work extra hard to make the cut.

But you need to understand that close relationships with family and friends can be a powerful weapon against anxiety, stress and depression.

The best way to feel more fulfilled and satisfied is to both do what you love and spend time with those you love.

  • Limit Your Financial Exposure

If there is one thing that can create debilitating and paralyzing anxiety for an entrepreneur more than anything else…

It is the feeling that you are too financially exposed.

It is easy for entrepreneurs to have very big blind spots.

We sometimes forget to look at the whole picture.

Don’t let too much confidence and excitement create blind spots in your risk assessment.

Spend on what you actually need, invest only what you are comfortable with, and stay in control.

  • Walk It Off

When you feel overwhelmed and anxious, take a walk.

Don’t spend too much of your time sitting and over-thinking your problems.

Instead of sitting in your office, worrying about things, take a walk or go fishing.

Walk your anxiety away.

Be active.

Take a break from your tasks or projects.

Get out of the office and go to the park.

Smell the flowers and the trees.

Interacting with nature as much as possible will help to refresh your mind and improve your outlook on life.

Avoid sitting in your office the whole day trying to out-think your problems.

It’s not going to work.

Taking a walk will help to focus your mind on something other than your thoughts.

This will free your energy and attention, so that you can focus on something outside of you.

The less you worry and obsess about your problems, the better and more effective you are going to be as an entrepreneur.

If you really want to become much more effective at what you do and grow your brand…

You will have to learn to keep your anxiety under control.

Go through the list above and see if there are any ideas you can start implementing in your life and business right now.

Want to Succeed? Stop Trying to Be Happy All the Time

Do you have any tips for increasing your performance and brand presence as an entrepreneur?

I’d love to hear it in the comments below…

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