80 Tips and Tricks to Help Avoid Procrastination

Here are some tips and tricks to help avoid procrastination.

Pick your favorite and implement it into your life.

Avoid procrastination

  1. Begin now! Why wait?
  2. Believe in yourself! You can do it!
  3. Love yourself! You have no reason not to because you’re wonderful.
  4. Use positive affirmations to motivate yourself!
  5. Meditate to increase your willpower and self-control.
  6. Put on motivating music to get into the flow.
  7. Do something useful. Just like the motto of Nike “Just do it!”
  8. Challenge yourself and stimulate your brain.
  9. Start small and do only 5 to 10 minutes of continuous work to start.
  10. Clean your desk because a clean desk means less distractions.
  11. Cut out all distractions such as, no cell, no email, no Facebook…
  12. Action your to-do list. Take your to-do list and action the next item on it, no excuses.
  13. Split tasks into manageable chunks because many small tasks make one big task.
  14. Plan your day in advance because not knowing what to do is a major cause for procrastination.
  15. Make up an action plan because a good plan is the first step in completing a project.
  16. Follow that plan because making the plan doesn’t accomplish any real work, you must implement it.
  17. Always ask yourself What can I do next? Keep the momentum going.
  18. Don’t wait until you feel your best to start working. You won’t get much done if you only work when you feel your best.
  19. Learn time management skills and learn to make good use of your time.
  20. Put your goals where you can see them because this reminds you of them and keeps you motivated.
  21. Remind yourself of your daily goals and get them done before the day is over.
  22. Define your long term goals to avoid running in circles.
  23. Define your short term goals because every long term goal consists of many small victories.
  24. Start working on your long term goal every day. It will be done before you realize it.
  25. Learn to say no to everything that doesn’t bring you closer toward your goals.
  26. Always do something to advance your life. Always try to improve some area of your life. Whether it will be Physical, mental, social, or financial…
  27. Read time management books to learn new skills and motivate yourself.
  28. Give someone permission to correct you when they catch you procrastinating because this helps you to break out of the habit of procrastinating.
  29. Read self-improvement books and try out the methods. No point in reading them and then forgetting to implement them.
  30. Do more of what works. Why? because it works!
  31. Think of all the positive things that will happen when you do the task. The most positive is that it’ll be done.
  32. Work in your most productive time of the day. For me, it’s in the morning.
  33. Work in calm environments because less distractions help.
  34. Take active breaks. It’s very important when you work behind a desk.
  35. Hire a life coach. Someone to motivate you.
  36. Don’t watch the news. The news is negative and it demotivates you.
  37. Don’t multitask and do one thing at a time because you will lose 20 minutes each time you switch tasks.
  38. Change locations. Break the routine once in a while and stimulate your brain.
  39. Prevent interruptions whenever possible, prevent people from interrupting you.
  40. Don’t work too much and avoid a burn-out or getting overwhelmed.
  41. Drink plenty of water to keep your energy levels high and hydrated!
  42. Put reminders in your cellphone because your cellphone forgets less than your brain.
  43. Use an alarm-clock to wake up to avoid oversleeping every day.
  44. Get assistance because you can’t save the world on your own.
  45. Reward yourself for the work you’ve done. Reward good behavior and it will occur more often.
  46. Give yourself 100% for a task because less is just a waste of your brain power.
  47. Exercise self-control and resist temptations.
  48. Focus on beginning of work, instead of finishing. Beginning comes before finishing, therefore focus on the beginning.
  49. Avoid time-wasters. Don’t spend time wasting your time.
  50. Don’t finish something that’s wasting your time. If you’re watching a bad movie at the cinema, then leave the cinema. Don’t bother wasting your time any further. Because you can earn more money, but you can’t earn more time.
  51. Try new things… If something doesn’t work, then you’re one step closer to finding what does work.
  52. Work in the morning when you’re still full of energy.
  53. Work on the important stuff because it matters.
  54. Separate work time from relaxation time. Make a clear difference in your mind. Work is work and play is play.
  55. Know that you’re your own worst critic. Except it, and move on.
  56. Put a don’t disturb sign on your door and put up barriers around you if you’re working.
  57. Beware of mental monsters because they are only in your mind and don’t exist.
  58. Use a time management system because every successful person uses one, so why shouldn’t you.
  59. Reduce your commitments because less is more.
  60. Set constraints on your tasks because a well-defined task gets done much quicker.
  61. Love deadlines. Especially when they’re close.
  62. Don’t watch your email every five seconds to see if you’ve gotten a new e-mail. Resist the urge.
  63. Get enough sleep to keep your energy levels high!
  64. Don’t wait for things to magically happen because they won’t.
  65. Hold yourself accountable because you are!
  66. Resist temptations because they will only slow you down.
  67. Strengthen your willpower. Mind over body!
  68. Set the bar high and reach for the stars.
  69. Be proactive and make things happen.
  70. Leave some room free in your calendar for emergencies. Don’t stuff your calendar full, leave room for rescheduling and ‘unscheduled’ work.
  71. Stay fit for an hour in the gym a day and active breaks should do it.
  72. Coach yourself by sending messages to your future self. 
  73. Use reverse psychology from now on, you’re not allowed to work more than 2 hours a day.
  74. Choose to do a task instead of having to do the task.
  75. Relax outdoors and get some fresh air.
  76. Review yourself weekly and improve your weak points.
  77. Forgive yourself for failing and then try again!
  78. You’re responsible for your life and for the choices you make.
  79. Take the initiative because nothing will happen on its own.
  80. Relax from time to time because life is not all about work.

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