Tips and Tricks to Leverage A Business with Coaching

How to Leverage Your Business with Coaching.

First why should you get a Business Coach?

A business coach is an experienced entrepreneur who’s been where you want to go.

They are experienced at what you want to experience and who can give you the outside perspective.

They can counsel you to build a more successful business.

Without having to go through all the painful trial and error yourself!

Too many business owners build their businesses in isolation.

Lacking the outside perspective and feedback from an experience coach.

What’s more important…

Most business owners don’t have anyone in their business lives who challenges their thinking and questions their assumptions.

Sure they may have lots of employees…

But it’s asking a lot for a person who depends on you for their family’s financial support to really challenge you with the things you don’t want to do.

But this is truly what you need to hear.

Remember, your coach has “been there and done that” and can speak to you from their direct experiences.

tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your business coach.

  1. Pick a coach who has deep experience and knowledge-base to draw upon.

The whole idea of leveraging a business coach is to help you avoid a lot of the expensive trial and error that most business owners take as they build a business.

While many of the situations you come up against in your business…

Whether they be about:

  • managing your team
  • growing your sales
  • creating your next products or services
  • controlling your expenses

This may be new to you and your coach can draw on their past experiences to give you clarity on the best path to use.

  1. Pick a coach who can show and explain things to you in simple, step-by-step language.

This way you can apply what they share and put it to immediate action effectively.

  1. Meet frequently with your business coach.

But not too often.

It should be around every two weeks.

You want to meet as often as you can to have an effective accountability.

Monthly is not generally enough to meet with your coach.

But don’t have it too frequently because you won’t have time to get things done.

  1. Please be on time for coaching sessions.

This is important whether the coaching session is in person, by phone or by Skype.

Remember, this is your time and make the most of it!

  1. Give your business coach weekly updates on your progress.

5 to 15 minutes spent each week to update your coach about your progress adds a layer of accountability into the mix.

This keeps your coach up to speed with your company so he can give you his best input.

  1. Ask a lot of questions!

Don’t hold back because you are afraid a question is obvious or for fear it will reveal that “you don’t know what you are doing.”

No one knows what they are doing all of the time!

Even the savviest, most successful business people have their blind spots.

Your coaching engagement is your chance to ask about anything you want to know.

If they don’t know the answer, they will tell you.

Most likely they will either have an answer or you can figure it out together.

  1. Share your numbers with your coach.

It can be scary to share your revenue, gross margin, and operating profit figures.

Especially with complete openness…

By being open you will get valuable outside perspective and feedback.

Do not sugar coat anything.

Your coach will not judge you.

Their real desire is to help you grow and succeed and to do that they need accurate data.

  1. Don’t just focus on one off challenges.

Look for systematic and global solutions.

Solving a challenge is great…

But solving a challenge in a way that improves and develops your company’s internal systems and controls is even more valuable.

Systems driven solutions are more stable and easier to grow.

Success Starts Here

  1. Give permission to your business coach to hold you accountable.

The right business coach will always be in your corner.

Sometimes this means being the one person in your business life who calls you out.

Your employees can’t do this because you sign their pay checks.

  1. Don’t rationalize or explain away reality, because even if you “win” the discussion, reality will still win the war.

Most business owners think they could explain away a challenge or situation with a well-rehearsed argument.

But reality is what it is and the objective facts are the objective facts.

You don’t need to defend or make excuses with your coach.

Use your business coaching relationship to be the one place where you can be fully transparent with what is going on in your business life.

Your business coach will help you take full responsibility and accept the objective facts on the ground.

And from this place you can both come up with an effective plan of action to harness those facts to reach your business goals.

  1. Let down your ego and accept the help and insights of your business coach.

You don’t have to look good.

Your coach has seen just about everything you are dealing with and worked through it.

Let them save you the time, energy, emotion, and money by helping you learn from his or her experiences than having to go through the painful and expensive trial and error.

  1. Get rid of your excuses.

You don’t have to do it perfectly, but you do have to take action.

Of course you are busy, but when will that ever really change if you don’t do the things that reduce your company’s reliance on you?

You want to enjoy the growth and freedom that the right business coach can help you enjoy.

Also you have to let go of your excuses and dive fully into the commitment.

Sure you will mess up and have set backs…

But then magic that can happen over 12-24-36 months of focused, directed, intelligent action in scaling a company.

Time is going to pass either way.

What will you be saying 3 years from today?

“If only I had…” or “I’m so glad I did!”?

So dive in and put your coach’s input into action.

So don’t deny yourself the chance at getting the help and accountability you need out of fear of working with the wrong coach.

Do your homework.

Good coaches allow you to ask questions and make the decision that feels right for you…

Because they need you to take responsibility throughout the entire process.

If you need to read lots of content, see testimonials, or check out a coach’s website multiple times to learn about their programs even before you schedule a discovery call, that’s fine.

You need to do what works for you.

You will know when something feels right and when it doesn’t.

Learn to trust your gut.

Business coaching is a tool.

If used properly, it can help you build a very successful business.

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My next post will be about quotes on business coaching.


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