Understanding Why You Should Get a Mentor

Understanding Why You Should Get a Mentor.

Why do you need a mentor?

Doing your own thing is awesome, but maybe you are missing something?

Great mentors can expose your potential that you didn’t even know was there.

Every successful person there is had someone expose their potential along the way.

It doesn’t matter if you are an employee in a company or a seasoned entrepreneur…

We all need to have a mentor or two.

No one is too experienced to learn more and no one is too green to begin exploring opportunities.

But like I mentioned before, you don’t need to be an entrepreneur to have a mentor.

Anybody who wants more out of life should find a mentor.

Here is why…

If you don’t already have a mentor, then you should begin looking for one.

Find and Attach Yourself to the Hip of a Master in your field
Master in your field

Millions of young men and women are confident, smart and talented.

Most of them try to “make it” alone.

They spend many years trying to figure out a craft and then start excelling in their late 30s or 40s.

But if you can attach yourself to a master in any profession…

You can speed up your mastery and accelerate the process by a decade.

Sometimes more…

Find Mentors Who Believe in You and Will Listen to You

Who you allow to speak into your life is a sacred choice.

I see many young leaders damaged by submitting themselves to the next strong personality.

The strong personality may be impressive and self-confident, but with no personal concern for you.

Worse, they may simply flatter and use you to build their own platform.

The same way a good mentor imparts wisdom, character and craft…

A bad mentor will impart their habits, reactions and particular worldviews, as well.

A bad mentor can be like visiting a bad chiropractor…

You leave worse than you start.

When a mentor believes in you, then it does not feel like a possessive or controlling thing.

He does not insist you do this or that.

They feel more like a patient, listening friend.

These mentors often become great guides and friends.

They are not just advice-dispensing machines but they are people who are genuinely interested in you.

Learn from Your Mentor
Learn from Your Mentor

Your mentors are there for you to learn from them.

Most of the time, their knowledge is their easiest resource to share.

The truth of the matter is if you choose a mentor correctly…

They have already done what you are planning to do.

That also means that they probably made a bunch of mistakes along the way.

Learn from their mistakes so that you can minimize the amount you make.

Take their advice very seriously.

Mentors are there to give you the information you need to succeed.

Pick their brains as often as possible.

More importantly, do your best to actually execute the advice they give you.

Mentors are always great sounding boards

Much like my point above…

Your mentors have already “been there, done that,” so leverage this experience when pressed with hard decisions.

When you have a question you need help with…

Then reach out to your mentors for their unbiased, experienced opinion.

The keywords here are “unbiased” and “experienced.”

Sure, anybody can formulate an opinion…

You can ask your friends or family what they think regarding a decision.

But they will be biased because of their relationship with you and they probably won’t have the experience to give a great answer.

That’s why going to your mentor for their opinion is a much better idea.

Rather than leaning from your friends or family.

If you are an entrepreneur…

Asking for your mentor’s opinion is a great way to get a credible outsider’s perspective on a decision.

Of course, you will always consult with your partners and shareholders (investors) when pressed with a decision.

But remember they will always have a slightly biased opinion given their stake in the company.

A mentor who has no horse in the race can give a fresh perspective.

Connect with Your Mentor’s Contacts
Your Mentor’s Contacts

Most mentors will make introductions to contacts in their network but you just have to ask.

However, mentors don’t like being treated like a phonebook…

So ask for contacts in moderation and only when you really need the contact.

Mentors Can Give You Inspiration

If you have ever played sports before…

Think about mentors in the same light as you would your coaches.

Coaches are there to help teach you and prepare you to be successful in the given sport.

Also they are also there to motivate you and push you past your boundaries.

Great mentors will inspire you in the same way a coach would.

When things aren’t looking good, then they will be there to tell you to stop feeling bad for yourself and what’s wrong.

But more importantly, they will tell you how to overcome your obstacles.

Mentors create a sense of accountability for their mentees.

When you have a great mentor

You are motivated to work harder because you don’t want to let them down.

Great mentors inspire us to become greater than we ever thought was possible.

Opportunities Are Knocking at Your DoorOpportunities Are Knocking at Your Door

If you hang around successful people for long enough, then opportunities will start to appear.

Mentors love to see their mentees succeed.

They feel a sense of pride and accomplishment contributing to their mentees’ success.

They will do their best to help you succeed and this is when opportunities start appearing.

An opportunity can come in many forms…

  • including offering you a job
  • becoming an investor
  • becoming a customer
  • introducing you to a business partner
  • just to name a few

I had a mentor of mine present me with a great opportunity just recently.

These things do happen.

But, mentors won’t provide you with opportunities on day one.

Especially, when they first take you under their wing.

First, you have to build a strong relationship.

You build that relationship over time by talking to them, learning from them and taking their advice.

Mentorship – Get a mentor

My next post will be on where can you find a mentor.

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